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What is AliCloud CDN

More Posted time:Jan 8, 2016 11:08 AM
Brief introduction

AliCloud CDN (Content Distribution Network) distribute the content of a source site to all nodes around the nation, lower latency of viewing objects, improve the response of site accesses and the availability of the website, and solve the problem of low network bandwidth, high user traffic and uneven network distribution.


Product Advantages

Stable and Fast

  • Abundant resources of node and bandwidth, and reasonable coverage.
  • WAN monitoring, precise scheduling, and continuous optimization of acceleration effect.

Security Defense

  • Enterprise-level DDoS Defense.
  • Rapid and accurate identification of CC attack, real-time blocking.
  • Hide the IP of source site to prevent hackers from accessing information from the source site.


  • Self-serving configuration, comprehensive error alert
  • Abundant configuration options, customizable access control and caching strategies
  • Analyze business data of site and provide reporting tools

  • Cost-Effective

  • Resource scales up elastically; pay-by-usage
  • Realize WAN covering across operators and regions upon activation

Product Function

CDN could distribute your website content to the WAN, and could speed up your site across operatosr and regions.

Support multiple business scenarios

  • Provide acceleration service for website, downloading, video and other businesses.

Service Configuration

  • Self-serving configuration of the addition, deletion, change  and review of domain name;
  • support customizable caching, expiration time, anti-link-stealing and other function set.

Monitoring Report

Provide customizable reports, including: traffic, hit rate, visitors, ISP and other data.

API Interface

Provide service activation, content refreshing, logs access and other functions.

Node cache

  • Smart Objects heat algorithm, hierarchical cache HOT resources to achieve accurate acceleration resources
  • High-performance cache Cache system design, balanced use of multi-core CPU processing power, memory efficient and rational use and control, maximizing SSD IOPS and throughput
  • Each node includes a high-speed read and write an SSD storage, with SSD acceleration, significantly reducing user access latency, increase availability
  • Intelligent compression, effectively reducing the size of the user to transfer content to accelerate distribution effect
  • Page optimization, removing blank pages, newline, TAB, comments and other redundant content, reduce the size of the page
  • Combine multiple JavaScript / CSS files into a request to reduce the number of requests

Precise scheduling

Whether you belong to a portal site information websites, multimedia video and audio websites, gaming websites, or mobile application classes APP, etc., CDN intelligently scheduling domain provides support for business needs, a comprehensive speed for your site
  • Self-developed scheduling system, the level of support for millions of single domain scheduling
  • More excellent controllability, scalability agreement to further reduce costs
  • Supports multi-level scheduling strategy, node failure does not cause the user is unavailable
  • Coordination of multi-system interaction, and safe defense system, refresh the system, content management systems
  • Data, real-time scheduling, support node level flow projections, to enhance the quality and accuracy of the scheduling

Business Support multiple scenarios, multi-component with service

  • Live streaming video services, media information storage, slicing transcoding, access authentication, content delivery acceleration integration solutions (about on-line)
  • AV incremental demand service, low buffering time, high fluency playback experience, support mp4, flv video format
  • Support Resources link authentication, you can customize authentication KEY, media resources to protect your safety, eliminating worries Daolian
  • Free Ali cloud integrated multiple cloud services, systems seamlessly with cloud resources to enhance access to download speeds
  • Natural seamlessly with object storage OSS use, improve site access speed, reduce external network traffic costs of OSS
  • ECS combined cloud server use, improve site availability and protect server source station information, reduce bandwidth costs
  • You can also use the load balancer as the source station address back to the source, to reduce the bandwidth pressure back to the source
  • Ali cloud also support non-source station, docking no threshold, through the rapid deployment of resources to accelerate the audit service


  • Self-console, custom configuration minutes level full node intelligent deployment
  • Simple operation can quickly turn CDN services. You can configure the domain of self-help console add, delete, change, check, set up to accelerate the node caching policy, anti-hotlinking, http header information, etc., can also be selectively opening optimization features to accelerate a variety of on demand, Learn More
  • Open atomic extensible API, to accelerate the domain name, the distribution of resources, and monitoring data for flexible deployment, rapid operation, accurate use and timely monitoring by CDN API implementation. Ali also can be used with other products and so on API, multi-platform custom portal Learn More

live surveillance

  • Panoramic information monitoring, multi-dimensional escort resource distribution
  • Comprehensive network monitoring, rich data analysis, and easy resources to report download is provided comprising bandwidth traffic, access to quality, visitor data, popular analysis, security and other monitoring information panorama

CDN distribution node

Node allocation rules: After adding the domain name, the default configuration of the following domestic node; the system will be based on actual visits domain automatically add the appropriate node (excluding overseas nodes); without human intervention.
Overseas node service to open soon

 China Telecom  China Unicom  China Mobile  CRC  Education Network  Dr. Peng  Overseas node
 Shangrao  Hangzhou  Jinan  Hangzhou  Beijing  Beijing  Hong Kong
 Fuzhou  Jiaozuo  Nanchang        Macao
 Jiaxing  Shenyang          Korea
 Xiamen  Taiyuan          Japan
 Dongguan  Changchun          Singapore
 Yangzhou  Shijiazhuang          United States
 Kunming  Tianjin          Canada
 Xuzhou  Shantou          Russia
 Nanning  Harbin          Germany
 Yellowstone  Jinan          United Kingdom
 Changsha  Qingdao          Netherlands
 Beijing  Hohhot          Spain
 Chengdu  Luoyang          new Zealand
 Xi'an  Tangshan          
 Lanzhou  Hangzhou          
 Shanghai  Qingdao          
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