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Configuration apache2.4

More Posted time:Sep 22, 2017 17:23 PM
I recently bought a debian server on alibaba cloud, i got a public adress ip linked to this server.

I configure my domain with a new DNS entry (it's working with nslookup)
I setup the serverName in apache.conf, create a Vhost with this servername.

But, it's not working, i don't even have the "it's works" page of apache.

In the same time i configure SSH and FTP on this server and it's working if i use the ip adress

Is there any specific configuration due to alibaba cloud ?

Thanks a lot

Best Regards

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Posted time:Nov 2, 2017 22:17 PM
It doesn't have specially at Alibaba cloud ECS, it may  cause your apache config, you paste your config out.