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A linux migration tool

More Posted time:Dec 25, 2015 15:30 PM
A light migrate tool at AliCloud documentation help page.

A ECS automatic migration tool.

Feature: to migrate Centos,Debian,Ubuntu, etc. from and to ECS

Applicable linux release version:  All of the linux release version like Centos、Debian、Ubuntu which AliCloud published online.

Attentions: This tool only migrate the system volume. To keep the data consistency, you would better stop the application process running in the instances, then umount the data disk devices except the system disk.

Usage: run as root on target instance $ ./migrate migrate [source_ip_address]
Solutions: Automaticly migrate the system data from and to ECS.

Download here

You'd better download the software to /tmp directory and make sure the source and the dest ECS with the same linux release version.
I have tested for Ubuntu14.04 , centos7u2 and Debian7.5.0 64bits and it works.
I just doubt whether the way to migrate huge amounts of data passing through Internet is data security? or any solutions with it.