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[Share]Get to know Alibaba Cloud in 2mins—15 frequently asked questions

More Posted time:Dec 15, 2015 17:49 PM
Get to know Alibaba Cloud in 2mins—15 frequently asked questions

1.    How Do I Choose an ECS Configuration?
We advise that you select a suitable ECS configuration based on your actual business needs. If your business grows, you can upgrade your configuration online or add ECS and perform load balancing.
Please determine the following business needs: 1. Website type; 2. Average site PVs per day; 3. Homepage size; 4. Data capacity.

2. Can ECS be Upgraded Seamlessly? How Are Fees Calculated?
ECS (yearly/monthly subscription) supports custom online upgrades. The upgrade process is seamless, so you do not have to redeploy the environment or migrate data. The IP address will also remain the same. This operation is very simple and can be accomplished through the console. In addition, you only have to pay the difference in price for the actual duration of the upgrade.
a) ECS supports online instance type upgrades (after the upgrade, the changes will take effect when the server is restarted) and online bandwidth upgrades (seamless upgrades that do not require the server to be shutdown or restarted; you can perform upgrades on a daily basis). Currently, you cannot downgrade after upgrading, but this may be done when you renew your subscription.
b) ECS allows you to add data disks.

3. What lines are used by ECS?
Alibaba Cloud ECS use multiline BGP access.

4. Are the IP addresses independent? Can you specify or add IPs?
The Alibaba Cloud server will automatically allocate one independent Internet IP address (when the public bandwidth > 0Mbps) and one independent intranet IP address. The intranet IP address is generally used for communication between servers or between a server and OSS, RDS, or another cloud product. Normally, the IP address will not change. Currently, IP addresses cannot be specified, selected, or added/purchased.

5. Compared to Traditional IDC, What Are the Comparative Advantages of ECS?
a) Machine room network: green machine rooms, DC servers, low PUE; multiline BGP networks, dedicated bandwidth.
b) Ease of operation: built-in mainstream operating system (including genuine activated Windows versions), ability to switch operating systems online; the Web console can be used for online management; automated O&M can be performed through APIs.
c) Disaster recovery and backup: 99.95% service availability, 99.999% data reliability; multiple copies of each data segment are saved so that, if an individual segment is damaged, the data can be quickly restored; user-defined snapshots support data rollback and recovery; automatic downtime migration, fast and automatic fault recovery; system performance alarms.
d) Security and reliability: effective prevention of MAC spoofing and ARP attacks; effective defense against DDoS attacks, allowing for flow cleaning and using black holes; ability to provide port intrusion scans, trojan scans, vulnerability scans, password cracking defenses, and other additional services; protective security group rules; multi-user isolation.
e) Flexible scaling: user-defined images can be used to quickly create ECS, 100 ECS can be started or released within 10 minutes; configurations can be upgraded online; bandwidth can be increased/decreased freely; online load balancing allows for quick and easy application scaling;
f) Cost reduction: lower cost of use threshold; no large one-time investment required; pay-as-you-go and flexible payment options allow users to flexibly respond to business changes

6. What are the differences between ECS and light ECS? How should I choose between them?
a) Light ECS has the dedicated resource advantages of ECS, while also providing simple and convenient management methods like those of
virtual hosts.

b) ECS has super administrator privileges and light ECS does not support remote desktop login and other management permissions.
c) Light ECS can only support 1 site.

7. How many websites can be placed on a single ECS?
A single ECS can be registered for 5 different websites. The number of domain names is unlimited. Because only 5 registered service numbers are assigned to a single server, if you have submitted Website registration applications for all 5 registered service numbers bound to your ECS IP and need to register more Websites, we suggest you buy another ECS.

8. Can ECS defend against attacks?
Alibaba Cloud provides the Anti-DDOS service. Combined with the powerful data analysis capabilities of the Alibaba Cloud computing platform, this offers one-stop security services to medium and small Websites, such as detection of security vulnerabilities and Webpage trojans, as well as host intrusion detection and DDoS protection for ECS users. The servers can defend against DDoS attack traffic up to 5 Gbps. When an attack occurs, our monitoring
system can automatically detect it and clean the abnormal traffic for you. If the attack traffic is very large, black hole processing will be processed for
you to protect the security of your servers.

9. How Do I Select an Operating System?
Windows: An activated genuine version of Windows is included. It is suitable for running Windows programs, such as .net. It supports SQL Server and other databases (must be independently installed). It can be managed through remote desktop login.
Linux: the most popular server OS. You can remotely access your ECS through the SSH method. Linux is generally used for high-performance Web server and other server applications. It supports common programming languages, such as PHP and Python, as well as MySQL and other databases (must be independently installed).
a) Alibaba Cloud Linux (compatible with RedHat): Please install the software online through YUM. For the YUM source, you must purchase
commercial support for RedHat.

b) CentOS: Please install software online through YUM.
c) Ubuntu: Please install the software online with aptitude.
d) Debian: Please install the software online with apt-get.

10. Does ECS Automatic Backup Occupy Server Space?
ECS supports automatic backup. Multiple copies of each data segment are saved so that, if an individual segment is damaged, the data can be quickly restored. The automatic backup is independent of the server and will not take up server space.

11. Can OS be Switched or Automatically Added/Upgraded? Will the IP Address Change When You Switch OS? Will the Data on Data Disks be Reset?
a) ECS (yearly/monthly subscription) allows you to switch between OS at no cost. However, the automatic addition or upgrading of OS is not supported, but the OS can be patched.
b) Switching between OS will not change your IP address.
c) When switching OS, the data saved on the system disk will be lost. We suggest you backup any personal data on the system disk to a data disk or through another method. The data on data disks will not be affected.

12. Can load balancing be performed for ECS?
Load balancing can be performed on ECS. Users receive a free Server Load Balancer subscription for a single cloud account with 2 ECS.  However, you must ensure the Web server configurations and Website codes are consistent.  The Server Load Balancer service connects multiple ECS to form an application service cluster. In this structure, the application system's service
capabilities can be horizontally scaled.

13. How many user-defined images with different data can be created under one AliCloud account?
You can use user-defined images to quickly create servers. A maximum of 10 user-defined images can be created under a single Alibaba Cloud account. Even when the ECS used for creating a user-defined image expires or the data are released (i.e. the system disk used for the snapshot expires or is released), the created user-defined image will not be affected.

14. Can Databases be Built on ECS?
Yes, you can build databases directly on an ECS. We recommend using high-performance ApsaraDB for RDS for back-end databases. ApsaraDB for RDS uses an out-of-the-box approach and is compatible with MySQL and SQL Server relational databases. In addition, it provides online database resizing, backup and rollback, performance monitoring, and analysis functions. Using RDS with ECS doubles I/O performance and allows for communication via intranet, thus
avoiding network bottlenecks.

15. Does Alibaba Cloud Provide a Free Migration Service for Environment Configurations and Data?
The migration service requires that the source server OS is the same as the OS on the ECS purchased from Alibaba Cloud. For example, migration is possible from Windows to Windows or Linux to Linux, but not from Windows to Linux or Linux to Windows.  
Scope of free migration service:
1. The original data (database data, attachments, and program files) are migrated to an ECS purchased from Alibaba Cloud or ApsaraDB for RDS. 2. Licensed software installation and environment configuration synchronization
3. Troubleshooting (excluding debugging of your software)
Scope of free installation:
Licensed software installation and environment configuration synchronization.
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