The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC) was established in November 1984 with the approval of the Minister of the Finance. FISC has a broad membership, including financial institutions, insurance companies, securities firms, computer manufacturers, and information processing companies. The FISC conducts research in the field of financial information system issues on various topics such as technology, utilization, control, and threat/defense, paying attention to the current status, problems, and future prospects in Japan and abroad, and measures to achieve them.

The members of the Security Measures Expert Committee and the members of the Review Committee in the FISC, with expertise from academics, financial institutions, and computer manufacturers, cloud providers, and FinTech companies, have established guidelines for promoting security measures for financial institutions' information systems. These guidelines have been voluntarily followed by most financial institutions in Japan.

Alibaba Cloud has engaged an independent third-party assessor to create a Whitepaper to help customers understand how we support compliance with FISC’s requirements.

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