The 40-person global startup team visits Alibaba

Hangzhou, China.
2016, 24 Mar.

The 40-person Chinaccelerator Overseas Startup Team Visits Alibaba

On March 24, 2016, over 40 people from 13 startups hand-picked by Chinaccelerator visited Alibaba's Xixi campus. The visitors came from Mexico, Australia, Italy, Israel, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, Brazil, and Taiwan. Alibaba is a must-visit on the China journey for the members in each Chinaccelerator program. During their visit, in addition to being enriched by the Alibaba Group's entrepreneurial history, it is also hoped the entrepreneurs will leave with a better understanding of the Alibaba Cloud overseas business that is just getting underway.

The Alibaba Cloud international team's overseas architect Mr. Wen Ya'nan and the Create@Alibaba Cloud program senor manager Ms. Zhu Jing shared their respective Alibaba Cloud overseas business development statuses and strategies with the visitors, as well as the Alibaba Cloud support program for overseas startups. The surprise guest, Mr. Brian Wong from the Alibaba board of directors, summarized his own experiences as an entrepreneur and discussed Alibaba strategic decision-making and the feelings and experiences of entrepreneurs with the visitors. The visiting team also paid a call on the Alimama COO Ms. Wang Xin to learn more about the assistance Alimama provides to innovative businesses.

By February of this year, Chinaccelerator has already successfully recommended 3 outstanding projects for Create@Alibaba Cloud program. Going forward, the two parties will continue to work together to assist outstanding startups and support foreign entrepreneurs' entry into the Chinese market.

Image 1. Alibaba Cloud Senior Architect Liao Hongbing Shares Taobao's Entrepreneurial History

Partner Summaries

Chinaccelerator is a mentor-driven entrepreneurial accelerator that currently has 168 entrepreneurship mentors throughout the world. Each year, it holds two entrepreneurship programs that focus on cross-border business counseling. They aim to help Chinese startups expand to foreign markets and help foreign companies to do business in China. With its international background, Chinaccelerator brings together mentors and investors from around the world in order to provide a broader perspective and richer resources to entrepreneurs.