3Regional competition finalists

Eligibility for Alibaba Cloud’s international startup program Create@Alibaba Cloud where participants will win USD $10,000 credit in cloud resources and free 1 on 1 Cloud infrastructure solution planning with Alibaba Cloud Architects.

ICP application support, making it easy and smooth to set up your website and applications in China.

Opportunities to connect with investors/incubators/co-working spaces in China.

Co-marketing opportunities with Alibaba.

Awards provided by CACSC regional partners (will indicate in regional contest page).

2The winner of regional session

In addition to the resources mentioned above, the winner of the competition will also receive the following:

USD $50,000 credit to be used on Alibaba Cloud products and services.

An invitation to the Alibaba Cloud Yunqi Conference for the world final. There the winner will have the opportunity to meet the top investment firms in China and gain coverage from global media.

1The champion of CACSC world final

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the winner of the global final will receive the following rewards:

A place in the Alibaba Cloud’s 18 Founders program, to receive the USD $216,000 credit to be used on Alibaba Cloud products and services, and a tailor-made marketing support plan which will give the winner access to global media exposure and opportunities to meet with investors.

Competition Entry Requirements, Rules & Criterion


  • A registered company, and with launched products.
  • Officially registered as a company for no more than 5 years.
  • Not yet a public listed company.
  • Annual revenue is less than USD $500,000.
  • Have a clear business model, innovative products and a good potential to grow.

Competition RULES


Startups sign-up regional contest through Alibaba Cloud website and our partners’ channels.


Each region selects 8-10 startups to attend the regional final.

Regional final

Each regional final selects one or two regional champions.

Global final

Around 20 regional champions all over the world compete the world final in Yunqi Conference, Hangzhou, China.


  • The contest committee will take considerations of the following aspects to make the choices: the background of the founder team, the innovativeness, the market competitiveness and potential, and the presentation skill.

Meet the Judges

Dr. Alex LIN

Head of Infocomm Investments

Gordon Innes

CEO of London & Partners

Peter Mok

Head of Incubation Programme, HKSTP

Beatrice Gautier

Business Development Director, IT sector, Paris&Co

David Gowdey

Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures

Stanley Zhang

Founder and Managing Director of Jubilee Capital

Ramesh Narayanaswamy

SingPost CIO

Joey Tan

Head of Global Strategic Projects, Alibaba Cloud International

Cindy Chow

Executive Director, HK Entrepreneurs Fund

Jeffrey Paine

Managing Partner, Golden Gate Ventures

Willson Cuaca

Co-founder & Managing Partner, East Ventures

Roland Yau

Managing Partner of CoCoon Ignite Ventures

Sébastien Badault

Managing Director of Alibaba Group France


Founder & CEO of Cocoon Networks

Andrew Cockburn

Head of Trade, Technology Team, UK Trade & Investment

Jacky Abitbol

Partner at Cathay Innovation

Xiaowei Rose LUO

Associate Professor at Department of Entreprenurship and Family Business Enterprise at INSEAD

Yuan LIU

Co-founder of Serrinnov Investment, General Secretary of ACECE

Jean-Francois Cochy

Associate at Cathay Innovation

Past Competition Highlights

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