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Alibaba Cloud enables digital retail transformation to fuel growth and realize an omnichannel customer experience throughout the consumer journey.


The retail industry is going through a dramatic digital transformation. Underpinning the new era of retail are the omnichannel customer experience, digitization of commerce scenarios, and big data analytics (among other things). Alibaba Cloud (the technology underpinning these innovations) is a proven pioneer, utilizing the cloud, big data, and AI technologies to redefine retail business. Leveraging the know-how and practical experience of the world’s leading retail business, Alibaba Cloud’s retail solution helps enterprises transform for the digital age.

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Your Retail Digital Transformation Journey with Alibaba Cloud

Building the foundation for retail companies to transfer into a more consumer-centric data-driven business model



Alibaba Cloud Big Data Consulting Services for Retail

Alibaba Cloud experts provide retailers with a lightweight and customized big data consulting service to help assess your big data maturity and plan a big data journey in 2-6 weeks, transforming your retail business through big data technologies.


With Alibaba's continuous innovations in retail, we have built our unique methodology on retail digitalization from years of best practices and incorporated it into a professional consulting service.

This consulting service can help unleash the power of big data and apply big data analytics at every stage of the retail process (such as personalized product recommendation, delivery scheduling and optimization, customer loyalty improvement, and forecasting demand).

Alibaba Cloud experts use Alibaba's in-depth knowledge in retail to help prioritize scenarios based on business importance and urgency. We can make customized plans dedicated to key scenarios to ensure quick wins.

In two to six weeks, you can get a complete and executable plan on big data adoption, empowered by Alibaba's mature retail and big data methodology and framework.

Omnichannel Data Mid-End

This all-in-one omnichannel data solution helps brand merchants formulate brand strategies, monitor brand operations, and increase their customer base through rich customer insight models and convenient customer growth strategy configurations.


Alibaba Cloud E-Commerce Solution

Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive e-commerce solutions come with the same leading technologies that support Double 11, paving the way for advanced e-commerce scenarios (such as intelligent chatbots, omnichannel marketing, livestreaming, and personalized content recommendation).

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AI Service for Conversational Chatbots

This solution provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) services and allows you to build AI-powered, human-like, conversational, multilingual chatbots over omnichannel to quickly respond to customers 24/7.


ICP Registration Support

Learn how to obtain an ICP Filing or ICP Commercial License to host your website in Mainland China

ICP Filing Consulting Service

Cloud Consulting - Digital Transformation Services

This professional service focuses on the top-level design, business (application) consulting, and data consulting needs of international retailers and helps them construct digital systems for retail business.


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Innovative Retail Solutions From Alibaba Cloud Partners

Sensors Analytics & Personas & Focus

Power business intelligence with 10 data analysis models, a user persona and profile system, and an automated operations platform

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Techsun Social Hub

Support business growth with omnichannel customer engagement, comprehensive customer management, and automated marketing operations

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Tuya Smart on Alibaba Cloud

Make offline stores smart with a range of IoT devices powered by comprehensive solutions covering commercial lighting, real estate, and hospitality, etc.

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NC Cloud

Digitalize enterprise management (including accounting, HR management, and SCM Management) with data intelligence and AI

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Customer Success Stories

"Shiseido has used the extensive services provided by Alibaba Cloud to meet the requirements of the new market environment."

Keisuke Fujii, ICT Vice President, SHISEIDO China

With the development of VTC online education, it is necessary to integrate live video functions on the official website to support student return visits, user management, data statistics and other functions. According to customer needs, the video live broadcast function is quickly integrated on the PC side of the VTC official website to solve the problem of students learning teaching content on the official website. Accurate data statistics allow teachers to keep abreast of online learning at any time. Video live broadcast products rely on big data + AI and integrate video live broadcast technology to solve various problems such as digital management of VTC distance education.

"With an extensive retail network in Greater China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States, and a fast-growing e-commerce business, the Group is implementing effective online-to-offline ("O2O") strategies to succeed in today's omnichannel retail environment."

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Jewellery Group Limited was founded in 1929 and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in December 2011. With an extensive retail network in Greater China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States, and a fast-growing e-commerce business, the Group is implementing effective online-to-offline ("O2O") strategies to succeed in today's omnichannel retail environment.

"Pacific Coffee serves more than just coffee with Alibaba Cloud, they provide an experience."

Pacific Coffee chose Alibaba Cloud as their cloud provider to ensure increased elasticity and scalability. During sales campaigns, their website remained available and elastic. They also revamped their app based on the cloud technology to accept mobile payments over the phone, track membership rewards, and establish new online campaigns. The app ended up being the perfect bridge for both online and in-store customer experiences.

"Kopi Kenangan chose Alibaba Cloud due to our international reputation as an IaaS and PaaS cloud provider, coupled with our strong local presence in Indonesia, allowing us to support the company’s R&D teams across multiple locations."

Kopi Kenangan makes high-quality and affordable fresh coffee for its Indonesian customers. Founded in 2017, the company quickly established a strong local presence, selling its products in 345 stores by June 2020. Kopi Kenangan also integrated its online and offline channels, making use of on-demand services including Go-Jek (GoFood) and Grab (GrabFood) to extend its reach. By the end of 2019, roughly one-third of its transactions were online, with this side of the business showing continued growth.

"We were very happy to work with Alibaba Cloud Intelligence for the migration of our database to PolarDB. I am very impressed with their commitment, dedication, and professionalism. They were willing to go the extra mile, helping us migrate the database successfully within a very short period of time."

Mr. Erwin Foo, Group Chief Technology Officer of PrestoMall

Fashion and Fascinating is an e-commerce platform specializing in wedding supplies in the United States. Fashion and Fascinating has developed its online e-commerce business, iteratively upgraded its original website, and built an independent server. According to customer demands, Fashion and Fascinating customized website upgrade and server deployment solutions, added e-commerce functions, such as online consultation, and increased website opening speed by 80%, improving the user experience.

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