Organizational Data Mid-End

This comprehensive one-stop solution helps you unify data assets, create, and manage data intelligence within your organization to empower innovation.


Innovations greatly rely on the close collaborations between different groups in your organization, but many groups operate and hold data separately. This may cause overlapping data and create data silos that cause inconsistencies. Storing, managing, and monitoring organizational data on a unified data mid-end platform and obtaining an enterprise-wide view of hidden data treasure are the keys to your digital innovations and business success.

Based on Alibaba Group's best practices, this solution is committed to building a complete, unified, reliable, and secure big data system for enterprises to glean deep and actionable insights from a holistic view of organizational data. It contains three core capabilities: unified data construction and management, capitalizing core business elements to data assets, and unified data services across all business units in your organization. Alibaba Cloud gives you a product portfolio and expert consulting services. Eventually, this solution will be delivered by Alibaba Cloud's industry-specialized ISV partners. This solution empowers you to build a growth engine in the digital era.

Create Marketing Insights

Building a customer-centric data platform to connect, manage, and monitor data from different campaigns enables data-driven marketing, bringing insights on your marketing campaigns, from personalized recommendations to customer service bots.

Optimize Business Decisions

Quick BI allows you to quickly produce business monitoring reports across many campaigns. This enables you to use the full benefits of holistic data analysis and optimize your day-to-day business decisions.

Maximize Operational Efficiencies

This solution allows you to use the data in customer and supply chain domains on the same data mid-end platform, helping you produce sales predictions and production-to-sales algorithmic optimization to discover untapped opportunities for operational cost savings.

Enable Agile Development

This solution integrates data from various business units to create a common data layer to ensure data is well managed. This way, you can always achieve a prompt response to agile business demands.

Encourage Collaborative Work

This solution provides a centralized platform for different business units and departments to share their data and improve team collaboration. Additionally, Quick BI's real-time, intuitive, and accurate data visualization capabilities enable you to build a common vision within or outside your organization.

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Solution Highlights

One-Stop Solution from Consulting to Delivering

Guided by Alibaba Cloud's matured data mid-end methodologies, powered by Alibaba Cloud's automated and intelligent big data tools such as Dataphin, Quick BI, and Quick Audience, Alibaba Cloud provides you with a one-stop solution of full capabilities from data mid-end planning to architecturing, deployment, and delivering.

Flexible Methods of Deployment

Alibaba Cloud offers you multiple deployment methods including public cloud deployment, hybrid cloud deployment, and private cloud deployment. You can choose the cloud-computing environment that best meets your business demands.

Empowered by Alibaba's Best Practices and Ecosystem

This solution comes from the experience of Alibaba, and proved through a large number of complex business scenarios. We have dozens of certified and experienced partners for implementation and delivery. With the extensive product portfolio and best practices, we can help customers build a data mid-end platform effectively and efficiently.

How It Works

Your Challenge

Repeated data development efforts by various departments may waste storage and computing resources. The data standards are inconsistent and may have a high cost for usage. The business data is isolated and the efficiency of data utilization is low.

Our Solution

  • With the global storage and compute infrastructure provided by Alibaba Cloud, this Data Mid-End Solution provides a unified and associated data mid-end, including data asset management, data gathering, data transmission, data processing, data exchange, data storage, data destruction, and unified data services. It can serve upper-level business scenarios, such as business analysis and consumer marketing insights.


A comprehensive one-stop solution including data integration, warehouse modeling, identity and profile distilling, asset management, and data services.

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Quick Audience

Quick Audience focuses on customer operations. It provides a wide range of user insight models and convenient policy configurations to enable multidimensional consumer insight analysis and multiple outreach channels. It helps enterprises grow their user bases.

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Quick BI

A new generation of business Intelligence services on the cloud

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Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

Customer Success Stories

Alibaba Cloud helped Casio with in-depth data analysis, and improved our operation capabilities. With the joint efforts of Casio and Alibaba Cloud, our digital and intelligent transformation has achieved new results, and it also provided a solid foundation for winning Double 11 and achieving new milestones.

Atsushi Watanabe, Vice President of Business Planning & Customer Support Division

Casio is one of the top three well-known watch brands in Japan. Its versatile G-SHOCK brand has been popular for many years. The energetic, young, fashionable, and multifunctional brand image represented by Casio has been deeply rooted in the hearts of young people. Combining high-end and cutting-edge technology with new design, Casio wrist timepieces have continuously embedded unparalleled quality and standards into the development of its products.

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