Accelerated Global Networking Solution for Distance Learning

Responding to global challenges on education, Alibaba Cloud offers an accelerated global networking solution that makes distance learning just the same as in-class teaching.


We are experiencing a Digital Revolution in the realm of education. Distance learning technologies allow students around the world from diverse cultural, economic and experiential backgrounds to access experts of all fields. However, network connection quality is always a critical constraint on user experience in distance learning.

Alibaba Cloud's accelerated global networking solution helps educational institutions, especially universities, build fast and stable global network connections between education systems and remote students. The proposed comprehensive solution set involves an optimal route calculation mechanism, network health monitoring and cybersecurity protection. Various audit and management functions are also integrated to ensure enhanced network quality, security, and reliability.

Solution Highlights

Fast and Stable Global Networking

Alibaba Cloud's accelerated network connectivity with global network coverage and smart traffic steering ensure lower latency transmission, optimal route selection, and congestion avoidance on the distance learning platform.

Easy Deployment and O&M

You can deploy the accelerated global networking on your distance learning platform with only few clicks in minutes. The centralized operations and maintenance system allows you to easily manage your cloud products and associated resources.

Fast University System Integration

You can integrate the existing university system with Alibaba Cloud's accelerated network around the world. Alibaba Cloud provides strong audit and management functions such as SSO and web-filter to quickly implement the integration.

Comprehensive Security

Anti-DDoS and WAF can keep the cloud environment, network transmission, and your remote learning web applications safe. Product built-in data encryption features can safeguard your data. This solution also supports you to integrate with 3rd party firewall for advanced flexibility.

Cost Effectiveness

This accelerated global networking solution offers elastic bandwidth plans that can adjust the fees based on your requirements throughout the year, saving your expenses.

Optimized for Mainland China

Alibaba Cloud is the #1 cloud vendor in China, and has been closely cooperating with China Tier 1 operators to ensure a smooth and fast connection to university systems in and out of Mainland China.

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How It Works

Your Challenge

Large amounts of concurrent connections from global students can be daunting for remote learning platforms and frustrating for students that have slow connections.

Our Solution

  • Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) provides a hybrid and distributed accelerated global network for educational institutions with high demands on network coverage. It facilitates the connection of your VPC to IDC and automatically learns and distributes routing information to improve network quality. Elastic IP (EIP) can be bound and unbound automatically to a variety of instances and gateways to flexibly connect students to the CEN network with elastic bandwidth. You can integrate the Web Application Firewall (WAF) for real-time monitoring of servers to ensure high availability. This solution is easy to deploy and scale. You can set up cross-region connections based on CEN without rebuilding your current remote learning systems and networks.

Cloud Enterprise Network

Create enterprise-class global network

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Elastic IP Address

An independent public IP resource

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Elastic Compute Service

High-performing virtual servers

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Web Application Firewall

Secure your web applications

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Your Challenge

Universities need to build up the accelerated global networking for distance learning platforms quickly and keep their university systems and networks secure and untainted.

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) provides high-quality bandwidth and global transmission networks with high reliability. It can make your deployment more agile and activate in a few minutes. In the accelerated global network, you can use Alibaba Cloud security products, such as the Web Application Firewall (WAF), to protect your remote learning platforms from network attacks. This solution also helps you integrate with the existing university firewall and customize access control policies for enhanced controllability.

Global Accelerator

Accelerate Internet applications globally to imrpove user experience

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Web Application Firewall

Secure your web applications

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Customer Success Stories

“The solution allows Chinese students access to online learning platforms, such as intranet portals and livestreaming to classrooms, with low latency and high reliability.”

- Anne Kealley, CEO of CAUDIT (Council of Australasian University Directors of IT)

More than 100,000 Chinese students from over 20 universities across Australia and New Zealand are unable to return to their campus due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Alibaba Cloud responded promptly and provided a scalable remote education solution for the universities to establish online learning platforms for Chinese students.

“Alibaba Cloud helped the University of Western Australia (UWA) provide services to students stuck in Mainland China as a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Alibaba Cloud presented a viable solution and supported its rapid deployment to meet very tight deadlines. Without the support of Alibaba Cloud and their ability to host services in Mainland China, UWA would not have been able to respond in timely manner.”

- Brett Kelly, Manager of Network Engineering, UWA

The University of Western Australia (UWA) was established in 1911 as the State's first university. It is home to four faculties, their attendant schools, and many research institutions and centers, all of which celebrated the University's Centenary in 2013. UWA also entered the internationally recognized “Academic Ranking of World Universities'” Top 100 listing, continuing to set the standard for other Australian universities to follow in terms of recognition for its achievements domestically and internationally.

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