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Cloud migration is the main driver for the digital transformation of enterprises, but traditional enterprises are usually confronted with several challenges during cloud migration. First of all, cloud migration may change the public IP addresses of enterprises. Public IP addresses are an important IT asset for enterprises. The change of public IP addresses may lead to unexpected costs during cloud migration and digital transformation. The IP addresses of enterprises must stay unchanged in certain scenarios. For example, when the business uses an IP address whitelist to ensure security, the system architecture is deployed in IP-based environments. In normal cases, regulatory compliance also requires unchanged IP addresses. Due to the high latency and poor elasticity of single line networks used by traditional enterprises, network scaling takes a long time, and enterprises are unable to respond to market demands quickly. In addition, security protection that enterprises develop is weak and lacks high-level, anti-distributed denial of service (anti-DDoS) protection. If attacked, all network lines will become unavailable, causing huge losses.

Alibaba Cloud Bring Your Own IP Addresses (BYOIP) allows enterprises to bring their own public IPv4 address ranges from on-premises networks to their Alibaba Cloud accounts. Enterprises continue to own their address ranges, but Alibaba Cloud advertises the address ranges on the Internet by default. Enterprises can bind their IP addresses to Alibaba Cloud services, such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS), NAT Gateway, Server Load Balancer (SLB), and Elastic Network Interface (ENI), to ensure their business can be accessed on the Internet. After an enterprise migrates its business to Alibaba Cloud using BYOIP, its public IP address stays unchanged. BYOIP has many benefits. The domain name or mail service of the enterprise will not be affected. The enterprise still has access to third-party services whose whitelists include its IP address. No modification or debugging is required for applications where the public IP address of the enterprise is hard-coded. An unchanged IP address can also meet the requirements of regulatory and audit compliance for certain enterprises.

Full Migration to the Cloud

Alibaba Cloud helps enterprises migrate their business to the cloud without changing their public IP addresses. This minimizes the cloud migration costs and the losses caused by service downtime. After enterprises bring their own public IP address ranges to Alibaba Cloud, they can use the 89 high-quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) lines provided by Alibaba Cloud. These BGP lines are deployed worldwide and provide bandwidth elasticity that exceeds 100 Gbit/s. Alibaba Cloud also provides global scrubbing centers and various reinjection protection services, such as Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels, Cross Connect, and Express Connect. These services can collectively mitigate a DDoS attack with a volume of more than 10 Tbit/s.

Globalization of Enterprises

Based on IP advertisement and premium EIP-based lines, Alibaba Cloud BYOIP can significantly reduce the latency for cross-border access when an enterprise deploys its servers outside Mainland China and provides services for customers in Mainland China. Premium EIP-based lines primarily serve the China (Hong Kong) region. These lines are developed based on high-quality bandwidth resources of Alibaba Cloud and multiple carriers. Compared with multi-line BGP, premium EIP-based lines can reduce latency by at least 60%. This meets the needs of latency-sensitive businesses, such as gaming, online education, finance, audio, and video conferencing.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Targeting enterprises' hybrid cloud scenarios, Alibaba Cloud BYOIP connects off-premises and on-premises systems and data using Express Connect based on IP advertisement and hybrid cloud public bandwidth. When cloud migration puts great pressure on IT costs, this solution not only helps amortize the cost of existing assets, but it also cuts the overhead of idle resources that result from the underutilization of existing resources. This ensures smooth migration and uninterrupted business. In addition, no dedicated maintenance is required, reducing O&M costs.

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Solution Highlights

  • The Pilot of BYOIP in China

    Alibaba Cloud is the first cloud provider in China that provides the BYOIP solution. This solution allows you to bring your public IP addresses when migrating your business to the cloud, protecting your IP assets. It simplifies cloud migration and provides a flexible charge of service fees.

  • High Speed BGP Network

    Alibaba Cloud provides a cross-border network solution for multinational enterprises that is compliant with the border gateway protocol (BGP) and has 89 route choices. We provide high-speed BGP routing, with additional services for enterprises in Hong Kong.

  • High-Level Prevention Capability

    Prevent any malicious attack on and off the cloud with the Anycast mechanism. It works as a global protection center with a prevention capability of more than 10 Tb per second.

  • Alibaba Cloud's Global Infrastructure

    Alibaba Cloud operates 89 availability zones in 30 regions around the world, with more global regions set to follow.

How It Works

Your Challenge

When an enterprise migrates its websites to the cloud, their main concern is how to keep their IP addresses unchanged. Enterprises may lose profit or customers if their IP addresses are changed while migrating to the cloud. For instance, some enterprises cannot access third-party services whose whitelists include their IP addresses. Then, they need to modify or debug some applications where the public IP addresses are hard-coded. The changed IP addresses may also cause issues on regulatory and audit compliance requirements for certain enterprises.

Our Solution

  • If you choose this BYOIP solution to migrate your website to Alibaba Cloud, you can bring part or all of your public IPv4 address range from your on-premises network to your Alibaba Cloud account. You continue to own the address range, but Alibaba Cloud advertises it on the internet by default. After you bring the address range to Alibaba Cloud, it appears in your account as an address pool.

  • This solution includes the cloud-native, anti-DDoS service, which is based on Alibaba Cloud's global scrubbing centers. It is combined with Alibaba’s intelligent DDoS detection and protection systems that automatically mitigate attacks, reinforce the security of your applications, and reduce the threat of malicious attacks.

Your Challenge

Some enterprises have deployed servers outside of Mainland China, but most of their users, customers, and employees are located within Mainland China. This kind of cross-border network may have a huge delay and greatly impact their work efficiency and effective communication.

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud operates 86 availability zones in 28 regions around the world, with more global regions set to follow. After enterprises bring their own public IP address ranges to Alibaba Cloud, they can use the 89 high-quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) lines that are deployed worldwide. These BGP lines provide bandwidth elasticity that can easily scale up and down in seconds. In Hong Kong and Singapore, Alibaba Cloud provides “Elastic IP Address (EIP.)” This service is supported by local internet service providers, such as CN2, CMHK, and CUHK, to accelerate your cross-border network.

Your Challenge

Some enterprises want to migrate part of their business onto the cloud without changing their IP addresses. This part of the business cloud has a small scale. On-premises networks provide weak DDoS protection and compute capability and cannot provide their customers with high-level security services.

Our Solution

  • The Alibaba Cloud BYOIP solution can help enterprises set up a hybrid cloud to implement smooth migration without changing their public IP addresses. This minimizes the cloud migration costs and the losses caused by service downtime. A high-quality BGP network and Tb-level security protection can guarantee your cloud business.

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

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