For multinational enterprises and multi-region companies, the success of a cross-region business relies on the integration among multiple offices and branches worldwide. From data transmission to CRM and ERP system integration, an efficient and reliable network is vital for even the most basic business operations.

The Challenges of Building a Cross-Region Network

Low-Speed Data Transmission
The public Internet is not able to support massive data transmission, which may lead to losing customers, decreasing employee productivity, and ultimately end in lost revenue.
Low Availability
Low availability may end in missed opportunities and a higher operating cost. Or worse, loss of data.
High Cost
Building or renting data centers and submarine fiber cables requires a tremendous amount of capital expenditure and maintenance cost.
Complex Deployment
Complicated network configurations and their deployment may take you weeks, months or even years to build a cross-region network.

Alibaba Cloud Cross-Region Hybrid Enterprise Network

Alibaba Cloud cross-region hybrid network solution enables you to build a secure and stable global business network. VPN Gateway interconnects your local branches, offices, and stores with different VPCs in different regions through local data centers. Cloud Enterprise Network facilitates the communications between VPCs. You can seamlessly connect your business assets affordably. If you have business in China, you can connect to branches in China with Smart Access Gateway.


  • Low-latency
  • 99.95% Availability
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast Deployment
  • Secured Environment


Superior Speed

Significantly reduces network latency.

Cost Effective

The cost depends on the demands of your network and bandwidth package. No extra charges are required.

Fast Deployment

Sets up a multi-region networking environment in 4 easy steps within 5 minutes.

High Availability

Multiple redundant links guaranteed network high availability.

Related Products

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

A comprehensive set of virtual networking capabilities that provide customers multi-region networking on the cloud.

- Configure your CEN by completing four simple steps in five minutes.

- Costs are about 10% lower than Express Connect.

- Flexible allocation of bandwidth resources.

VPN Gateway

An Internet-based service that establishes a connection between cloud and satellite offices/site.

- Provides various security measures to ensure your data security.

- An out-of-the-box product that requires only simple configurations.

- Dedicated connections are built based on the Internet, which lowers the cost by about 70%.

Smart Access Gateway (Available in China)

Provides an end-to-end cloud deployment solution for connecting hardware and software to Alibaba Cloud.

- Device and link failover ensures reliable connections to the cloud.

- Data is encrypted for secure transmission over the Internet.

- Allows you to centrally configure and manage all hardware that is connected to SmartAG.

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