Voice Service

A one-stop cloud service for global voice communication

Build an Advanced Voice Messaging Service Scalably and Easily

Voice Service is a cloud service that provides multiple voice communication capabilities. This service provides rich voice features, such as voice notification, voice verification code, voice number, and international SIP trunking.

We provide VMS with carrier-grade availability in more than 100 countries or regions, cooperating with dozens of carriers worldwide. VMS features high availability, high concurrency, high quality, and one-stop access. This service helps reach worldwide users more efficiently and accurately during business communication.

Scalable SIP Trunking Resources

You can improve business agility by adding global PSTN connectivity for an unlimited expansion of VMS concurrency.

Lower Investment Costs

When using the VMS API for simple and fast access, you do not need to pay attention to the underlying differences among platforms, maintain a separate production environment for each platform, or pay additional costs.

Smart Call Routing

The voice communication routing system supports different routing policies (such as routing based on the region, gateway, and time period) and implements automatic scheduling and load balancing.


VMS provides the following features:

● Voice Notifications
When your system changes, malfunctions, or generates a security alert, VMS sends a voice notification to the corresponding personnel to handle the issue.
● Voice Verification Code
VMS sends a verification code using a voice message for login verification.
● Voice Number
The VMS API allows you to instantly access and use local, national, mobile, and toll-free numbers in more than 100 countries or regions.
● International SIP Trunking
VMS provides a scalable SIP trunking service that allows you to manage your voice communications using on-demand self-service lines and on-demand cloud-based features.


International voice service provides voice notification, voice verification code, and voice number for customers outside Mainland China. This is a scenario-based service provided by Alibaba Cloud for enterprises based on the communication capabilities of carriers.

This service can be used in the following scenarios:
● One-Time Password (OTP) Verification
A template voice message is sent for scenarios that require verification codes, such as app login, product subscription, and identity verification.
● Production Notifications
This feature can be used in production notification scenarios, such as account balance change notifications, system alerts, enterprise announcements, and member notifications.
● Call Center Customer Service
The voice numbers provided by Alibaba Cloud can be configured to enable the real-time communication between users and the agents in call centers.

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