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Transform your streaming process with Realtime Compute for Apache Flink.
The fully managed, cloud-native, serverless Apache Flink® service on Alibaba Cloud.

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Real-Time Processing with Stream-Batch Integration
Blends real-time stream processing and batch processing, so you can clean, analyze, and sync your data effortlessly with SQL and manage data management with ease.
Ultra-High Performance: Features High Throughput and Scalability
Improves Flink SQL in the Apache Flink community, with the throughput for a job up to millions of data records per second and the data processing delay down to seconds.
Stable and Secure: Uses Exactly-once Semantics, Achieves Automatic Fault Recovery, and Isolates Resources
Ensures no duplicate data is processed and no data goes unprocessed with exactly-once semantics, enables automatic fault recovery based on distributed clusters, and secures data and operations by isolating compute resources between tenants.
Streamlined Efficiency: Our Serverless, Fully Managed Service
Unlocks peak performance with a serverless architecture designed for efficient, high-scale stream processing, and provides high elasticity so you can scale your business flexibly to meet complex demands.

Use Cases

Real-time Data Warehousing

Elevate your business with a digital operational system that tracks key metrics in real-time, providing a visual snapshot of your production and operations. Make informed decisions with instant access to real-time data insights.

Real-time ETL

Seamlessly integrate data from various sources using our fully managed service, empowering your enterprise to build a robust data foundation effortlessly.

Real-time Risk Management

Safeguard your business from fraud and risks with real-time detection capabilities. Our solution helps you identify anomalies and mitigate potential losses, ensuring peace of mind for your operations.

Real-time Monitoring

Simplify your monitoring processes with efficient state management and advanced alert configurations. Stay ahead of issues and reduce maintenance costs with our comprehensive monitoring platform.

Real-time Recommendations

Delight your users with personalized recommendations based on real-time analysis of their behavior. Boost engagement and retention with tailored content and offerings.

Real-time IoT Insights

Harness the power of real-time data analysis to optimize IoT device performance and predict outcomes. Stay proactive with instant alerts and predictive maintenance, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

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