PolarDB for Xscale

Alibaba Cloud PolarDB for Xscale (PolarDB-X) is a cloud-native high-performance distributed database service independently developed by Alibaba Cloud. PolarDB for Xscale can provide high throughput, large storage capacity, low latency, high scalability, and high availability to meet business requirements in the cloud era.


Cloud Native Architecture and Compatibility with the MySQL Ecosystem

PolarDB for Xscale can be deployed using containers based on the resources provided by Alibaba Cloud. Therefore, you can create and configure a PolarDB for Xscale cluster within minutes. PolarDB for Xscale supports the pay-as-you-go billing method to help reduce costs accurately.

Architecture with Decoupled Compute and Storage Resources

PolarDB for Xscale uses a shared-nothing system architecture to decouple storage and computing resources. In this architecture, you can plan storage capacity based on business requirements.

Transparent Distribution

PolarDB for Xscale aims to provide distributed databases that can be managed as easily as standalone MySQL databases.

Multiple Deployment Modes

PolarDB for Xscale provides multiple deployment modes to meet the business requirements of different industries. You can deploy a database instance on Alibaba Cloud or Apsara Stack. PolarDB for Xscale also supports DBStack and the software edition PolarDB for Xscale Lite.


Integrated Distributed Database Service

PolarDB for Xscale Standard Edition

PolarDB for Xscale is fully compatible with MySQL and uses the Paxos-based multi-replica architecture that includes a primary node, a secondary node, and a log node. PolarDB for Xscale has a wide range of specifications and is cost-effective. PolarDB for Xscale Standard Edition can be easily migrated to PolarDB for Xscale Enterprise Edition.

PolarDB for Xscale Enterprise Edition

PolarDB for Xscale is built based on an architecture in which compute and storage resources are decoupled. You can scale out a PolarDB for Xscale cluster online. The storage capacity of a PolarDB for Xscale cluster can be scaled up to petabytes of data. PolarDB for Xscale applies to businesses that require high concurrency, high throughput, and the capabilities to process large amounts of data.

Compatibility and Easy-to-Start Features

Automatic Partitioning

PolarDB for Xscale databases created in AUTO mode support the automatic partitioning feature. When you create a table, you do not need to specify a partition key. Data in the table is automatically and evenly distributed among partitions.

Hybrid Workloads

PolarDB for Xscale provides the parallel computing and auto scaling features to support real-time analysis of online data and reporting. PolarDB-X supports intelligent read/write splitting and analysis of read-only replicas. This helps isolate resources when you perform online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) queries.

Financial-Grade Data Consistency

PolarDB for Xscale uses the Paxos protocol to implement a variety of disaster recovery capabilities with a recovery point objective (RPO) of 0. PolarDB for Xscale also provides strongly consistent distributed transactions through read committed (RC) and repeatable read (RR) isolation levels.

Compatibility with Native MySQL Ecosystems

PolarDB for Xscale is compatible with MySQL and supports binary logs. You can configure data synchronization between a PolarDB for Xscale cluster and a MySQL database node to connect your databases to existing big data ecosystems. PolarDB for Xscale also supports open-source partitioning and sharding tools.

Enterprise-Class Capabilities

Enterprise-Class Disaster Recovery

PolarDB for Xscale can be deployed in different modes for disaster recovery. For example, you can deploy PolarDB for Xscale in multiple zones within the same region or in three data centers across two regions. PolarDB for Xscale complies with the Standards for Financial Distributed Transactional Databases and has passed the Long-Term Stability Testing of Distributed Databases issued by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology.

Enterprise-Class Monitoring

PolarDB for Xscale monitors computing resources, storage resources, and databases, supports custom alerting policies, and provides a comprehensive overview of all instances.

Enterprise-Class Diagnostics and Optimization

PolarDB for Xscale is capable of quickly identifying problematic SQL queries based on the flexible and powerful query syntax and provides real-time analysis of SQL queries and the out-of-the-box reporting center.


Support for Ultra-High Concurrency Queries

Public transport involves a large number of vehicles of different makes and models and a variety of billing methods. The database system is required to store vast amounts of data and perform complex queries. The combination of PolarDB for Xscale and AnalyticDB is ideal for building an intelligent urban public transport system where PolarDB-X is used to store large amounts of data, and AnalyticDB is used to analyze the data. This system can meet the requirements of compute-intensive scenarios (such as route planning, bus line query, bus arrival prediction, business report settlement, and bus scheduling), thus improving operational efficiency and service quality.

Solution Effects

  • Auto Scaling

    PolarDB for Xscale uses a hierarchical architecture to ensure linear scalability in terms of concurrency, computing, and data storage. The configurations of PolarDB for Xscale instances can be upgraded or downgraded in response to traffic fluctuations.

  • Out-of-the-Box Services

    PolarDB for Xscale allows you to easily upgrade a standalone database to a distributed database while providing a wealth of O&M features. Compared with self-managed distributed databases, PolarDB-X instances can significantly reduce R&D costs.

  • Compatibility with MySQL Ecosystems

    PolarDB for Xscale is highly compatible with MySQL and seamlessly integrated with the big data ecosystem. It synchronizes data to AnalyticDB in real-time to implement real-time analysis of large amounts of data and empower enterprises to implement business intelligence.

Distributed Architecture to Ensure Service Availability

In this scenario, the cloud infrastructure and support services must be highly available and can retain data in storage for a long period with high reliability. PolarDB for Xscale provides dedicated high-performance physical resources and supports instances across different zones. Data in PolarDB for Xscale is fully isolated between instances. This way, service stability is ensured.

Solution Effects

  • Strong Data Consistency

    PolarDB for Xscale uses the 2PC/XA protocol to ensure data consistency when changing data in databases with multiple tables and partitions in traditional businesses. In addition, PolarDB for Xscale supports the replication of small tables to improve database performance when performing JOIN operations on tables in different partitions.

  • High Availability

    PolarDB for Xscale can implement fast service switchover based on an arbitration mechanism when errors occur. You can also use Apsara Stack Resilience (ASR) to control the traffic among different data centers in which PolarDB for Xscale is deployed. When a data center fails, services can be quickly switched over to other data centers.

  • Database Expert Service

    PolarDB for Xscale provides Database Expert Service. Database experts from Alibaba Cloud participate in the design of your project and provide suggestions on how to design your distributed database system based on your actual requirements.

Delivery of Strong Data Consistency and Financial-Grade Reliability

In financial scenarios, businesses require high data availability, high data security, and strong data consistency. PolarDB for Xscale uses the Paxos protocol to implement a variety of disaster recovery capabilities with a recovery point objective (RPO) of 0. PolarDB for Xscale also provides strongly consistent distributed transactions through read committed (RC) and repeatable read (RR) isolation levels to meet the requirements of TPC-C and bank transfer models for financial-grade reliability.

Solution Effects

  • Strong Data Consistency

    PolarDB for Xscale supports strongly consistent distributed transactions and global secondary indexes to ensure transaction data consistency in distributed environments.

  • Linear scalability

    PolarDB for Xscale horizontally splits the original database to break the data storage limit of the database system and handle the high-volume concurrent traffic during peak hours.

  • Smooth Scaling

    PolarDB for Xscale supports smooth hot scaling with minimal impact on applications, effectively providing a secure scaling strategy for business expansion in the future.

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