Alibaba Cloud Model Studio

A one-stop generative AI platform to build intelligent applications that understand your business, based on Qwen model series such as Qwen-Max and other popular models

Activate "Model Service" to get one million free tokens for each model. These tokens are valid within 30 days from the date of activation.

Why Alibaba Cloud Model Studio?

Alibaba Cloud Model Studio is a comprehensive platform purpose-designed for generative AI development. With easy access to industry-leading foundation models (FMs) including Qwen-Max, Qwen-Plus, Qwen-Turbo, and Qwen 2 series, you can customize these models with your enterprise data by setting up a Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) architecture in one click, create AI agents in a few simple steps, and develop generative AI (GenAI) applications that understand your business without concerns about underlying infrastructure and computing power, all in an isolated cloud network that mitigates privacy risks.

  • Capability-Enhanced FMs

    Power your applications with enhanced AI model capabilities such as Q&A, writing, NL2SQL, etc., from Alibaba Cloud's Qwen, Tongyi Wanxiang, and open-source Qwen model series

  • Built-In Model Inference and Evaluation Workflows

    Speed up model development workflows with comprehensive tools designed to support SFT and LoRA, built-in model compression and inference acceleration, multi-dimensional model evaluation in visualized templates, and one-click model deployment

  • Simplified GenAI Application Development

    Accelerate generative AI application development with pre-built workflows on visualized canvas, highly customizable orchestration, template-based prompt engineering, and a rich set of APIs for easy integration with your business system

  • Comprehensive Security Measures

    Secure your enterprise data in storage and transmission by completing model and app development in your dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network and accessing data with PrivateLink, apply customizable content governance to prompts and content, and combine responsible AI principles with tools for human accountability


  • APIs and SDKs

    Integrate FM capabilities into your enterprise systems and applications with purpose-designed APIs, which are encapsulated in SDKs that support mainstream programming languages

  • Agent Tools

    Build AI agents in simple steps with an extensive set of plugins, visualized application orchestration services, as well as templates and optimization tools for prompt engineering

  • Assistant API

    Support agent development with purpose-designed plugins and a rich set of APIs

  • Model Development With Toolset

    Manage datasets, customize FM fine-tuning with adjustable parameters, evaluate FMs with high efficiency, and deploy FMs as services with one click, in an isolated VPC network to protect your enterprise data

  • Model Gallery

    Choose from a variety of leading FMs, including Alibaba Cloud's Qwen, Tongyi Wanxiang, and open-source Qwen model series

Activate Alibaba Cloud Model Studio in the console to enjoy the full experience


One-Click RAG Setup with AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

A Powerful VectorDB

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL provides engine optimization to large volumes of data with retrieval capability of over 10 billion vectors, and supports multi-tenant data and access isolation for higher security.

RAG Retrieval Optimization

Model Studio and AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL jointly apply in-depth retrieval optimization by leveraging technologies such as RAG fusion that significantly improve vector recall accuracy.

Enterprise Data Security

You can store your enterprise data in your private domain and associate the data with the in-domain AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL engine, and combine full-scale monitoring, auditing, and authorization management to guarantee security and compliance.

Full-Scale Compatibility

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL is the RAG engine for a variety of Alibaba Cloud AI products in additional to Model Studio, including Tongyi Lingma (AI coding assistant), Tongyi Dianjin (financial AI), etc., and is compatible with Platform for AI (PAI).

Easy Agent Development with Assistant API

Designed for Agent Development

- Support for Qwen model series and Supervised Fine-Tuning (SFT)
- Ready-to-use plugins and customizable functions
- Developer-oriented SDK development support
- Fast intervention and basic memory capabilities

Promot Engineering

- 160+ prompt templates for various work and life scenarios
- Configurable variables in templates for customization
- Optimization based on meta-prompting
- Example selecting tool for few-shot prompting

Functionality Enhancement

- An evolving architecture with new algorithms and technologies
- Atomic function optimized for prompts, responses, and task execution
- The SDK develpment paradigm consistent with OpenAPI

Comprehensive Security Measures in an Isolated Cloud Network

Network Security

Network and Transmission Security: You can complete dataset management, model fine-tuning and inference, agent creation, and app development in your isolated VPC network. Whether your business is deployed in a VPC network or an on-premises environment, you can access Model Studio through PrivateLink to ensure secure and reliable data transmission throughout these processes for consistent performance and uptime. You can also customize network security policies such as restrictions for gateway access and port forwarding.

Protection Against Attacks: Alibaba Cloud Model Studio provides extensive protection, against DDoS attacks, CC attacks, traffic cleansing, web tempering, data scraping, web vulnerabilities, unauthorized traffic, etc.

Data Security

Data Isolation: R&D and production data isolation, along with isolation of middleware and resources (computing and storage) in R&D and production environments reduces risks and guarantees your enterprise data is not involved during the development process.

Data Storage and Encryption: Log data is regularly cleaned and encrypted for archiving, and your enterprise data in OSS is encrypted.

Data Access Management: You can apply enterprise-level data access management and data disclosure management to customize data access to your business needs.

Content Security

Security of Generated Content: Alibaba Cloud Model Studio automatically monitors and identifies risks in generated content regarding ethics, values, legal factors, etc. in multiple risk levels.

Human Intervention: You can use built-in intervention tools to quickly deal with compliance issues in user input, prompts, and generated content.

Customer Success Stories

“Alibaba Cloud has delivered reliable and powerful products and services to support our business over the years. We are excited to continue working with Alibaba Cloud to deliver trusted digital solutions to our customers, empowering our growth and efficiency with AI!”

— Dr. Luan Huanbo, Founder and CEO of 6Estates

Founded in 2014, 6Estates is a Singapore-based enterprise AI solution provider that focuses on business-level complex document understanding and domain-specific knowledge graph construction. 6Estates integrates the Qwen-Max model in Alibaba Cloud Model Studio with their Intelligent Document Processing Platform to process complex template-free unstructured documents in different languages, to help Southeast Asian enterprise customers digitalize manual processes faster, more accurately, and more intelligently than previously possible.

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