Platform for AI

A platform that provides enterprise-level data modeling services based on machine learning algorithms to quickly meet your needs for data-driven operations.

Platform for AI of Alibaba Cloud is a machine learning or deep learning engineering platform intended for enterprises and developers. It provides easy-to-use, cost-effective, high-performance, and easy-to-scale plug-ins that can be applied to various industry scenarios. With over 140 built-in optimization algorithms, Platform for AI provides whole-process AI engineering capabilities including data labeling (PAI-iTAG), model building (PAI-Designer and PAI-DSW), model training (PAI-DLC), compilation optimization, and inference deployment (PAI-EAS).

What's New in Alibaba Cloud Generative AI



Diverse purchase methods to meet the requirements of AI and machine learning at different stages.


PAI-DSW is an interactive programming development tool of Machine Learning Platform for AI and can be used by developers of different levels.

AI programming code development tool

  • Jupyter Notebook for interactive programming development
  • Provides deeply optimized TensorFlow and supports open source framework
  • Supports hybrid scheduling of CPUs or GPUs

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PAI-Designer is a codeless development tool that provides classic machine learning algorithm components, covering scenarios like regression, classification, clustering, and text analysis.

Codeless development tool

  • Over 140 algorithm components
  • Drag-and-drop algorithm without the need to write code
  • Adjusts parameters more conveniently
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PAI-EAS is a model deployment tool. It allows you to quickly deploy your algorithm models and perform online debugging.

Model deployment and debugging services

  • Deploys complex models with a few clicks
  • Creates, updates, stops, starts, scales out, and scales in model services
  • Supports online debugging of models
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