DataWorks is a turnkey platform that provides professional, efficient, secure, and reliable big data development and governance services based on big data compute engines such as MaxCompute, E-MapReduce (EMR), and Hologres. DataWorks integrates the best practices of Alibaba data mid-end and data governance to support digital transformation in various industries. Tens of thousands of data and algorithm engineers in Alibaba Group use DataWorks every day to undertake the construction of 99% of data business for Alibaba Group.


Development Visualization
You can drag and drop nodes to create a workflow. You can also edit and debug your code online, and ask other developers to join you.
Multiple Task Types
Supports data integration, MaxCompute SQL, MaxCompute MR, machine learning, and shell tasks.
Strong Scheduling Capability
Runs millions of tasks concurrently and supports hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.
Task Monitoring and Alarms
Supports task monitoring and sends alarms when errors occur to avoid service interruptions.


  • Best Platform for Building Big Data Warehouses

    DataWorks is the best platform for building big data warehouses, and provides comprehensive data warehousing services.

    A comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of data warehousing

    DataWorks provides a full solution for data aggregation, data processing, data governance, and data services. The involved features include data integration, data development, data quality, data protection, and data services.

    Separate production and development environment

    Provides a separate production and development environment. You can debug the code in the development project before releasing your application to the production environment. This ensures the stability and security of your service.

    End-to-end platform

    Provides an end-to-end platform for all development and debugging tasks, eliminating the need to switch between different tools.

    Secure and reliable

    Provides the basic security mechanisms. Allows you to manage your data with multiple permission settings.
    You can drag and drop nodes to create a workflow. You can also edit and debug your code online, and ask other developers to join you.

  • Stable and Efficient Scheduling System

    Schedules millions of tasks concurrently to ensure the stability of your service.

    Stable and reliable

    Provides a unified task scheduling platform and supports the scheduling of millions of tasks to streamline data processing.

    Visualized management

    Provides a DAG-based visual interface.

    Supports multiple scheduling periods

    Allows you to create minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.

    Monitoring and alarms

    Allows you to create different types of alarms to monitor task status.

  • Collaborative Development Capability

    Provides multiple roles and permissions so that users can collaborate efficiently.

    Manage multiple roles

    Allows you to manage multiple roles such as administrators, developers, maintenance personnel, and visitors. This reduces management costs.

    Collaborative development

    Provides the version management capability and lock mechanism. This enables multiple developers to participate in collaborative development.

  • Powered by Strong Compute and Storage Capability of MaxCompute

    MaxCompute provides exabyte scale storage and strong compute capability.

    Large-scale computing and storage

    Meets 100 GB or above storage and compute needs, with a maximum of exabyte scale storage.

    High stability

    The service has been running stably in Alibaba Cloud internal systems for more than three years and meets most of our offline analysis needs. Supports more than one hundred thousand computing tasks and processes hundreds of PB of data every day.

    Significantly Lowers the TCO

    More cost-effective than your private clouds. Better compute and storage capability can reduce the hardware investment costs by 20 to 30 percent.

    Secure and reliable

    Multiple sandbox protections and the monitoring system can effectively ensure the security of your data.

  • Big Data Security Management

    Big Data Security Management provides features such as data asset identification, sensitive data identification, data classification and masking, data access monitoring, risk early warning, and risk auditing.

    Sensitive data identification

    Based on machine learning algorithms, this feature automatically identifies sensitive data in your system and visually displays the types, distribution, and amount of the data. Custom data types can also be identified.

    Accurate data classification

    This feature allows you to perform information classification and create custom data types for better data management.

    Flexible data masking

    This feature provides multiple ways to mask data. Both static and dynamic data masking are supported.

    Risk monitoring and auditing of suspicious operations

    This feature uses multi-dimensional correlation analysis and algorithms to identify exceptions and suspicious operations, and provides the early warning and auditing visualization feature.

Customer Scenarios

  • Cost-effective
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Refine Management
  • Data-driven marketing
  • Big data-based precision marketing
  • Data Security Management

East Environment Energy

Cost-effective and quick data uploads to the cloud

MaxCompute helps migrate all related services to the cloud within three months. East Environment Energy does not have to build a big data platform. Instead, all related services are migrated to Alibaba Cloud's MaxCompute. This shortens the data processing time by more than two thirds. MaxCompute also secures green energy usage data in the cloud.

Customer benefits

  • Focused on core businesses

    MaxCompute helps migrate all related services to the cloud within three months. A large amount of resources in the cloud can serve businesses.

  • Cost-effective investment and maintenance

    MaxCompute greatly reduces the need to invest in manpower, materials, research and development.

  • Secure and reliable

    Comprehensive services and stable performance secure your data in the cloud.


Big Data Analysis

Moji Weather

Efficient development and cost-effective storage and computing

Moji Weather's log analysis business has migrated to MaxCompute. Development efficiency is enhanced by five times, and storage and computing costs are reduced by 70%. MaxCompute processes and analyzes 2TB of logs each day to benefit personalized operating strategies.

Customer benefits

  • Enhanced business efficiency

    MaxCompute analyzes all logs using SQL, to enhance business efficiency by more than five times.

  • Improved storage efficiency

    MaxCompute reduces the storage and computing costs by 70% and improves the performance and stability.

  • Easy application of big data

    MaxCompute provides multiple open-source plugins for easy migration to the cloud.

Refine Management


Efficient use of large amounts of data for the refined management of millions of users

Nailist mainly deals with the e-commerce business and currently serves millions of users. Therefore, Nailist needs to extract the best value from its large amounts of user data in order to improve user experience.

Customer benefits

  • Improved business insight

    Nailist can manage millions of users with MaxCompute.

  • Data-based business

    MaxCompute provides analysis and monitoring of business data to enhance business efficiency.

  • Quick response to business demands

    MaxCompute is scalable to meet the demand of increasing business data analysis.

Data-driven marketing


Data-driven marketing

MaxCompute supports the ability to process and analyze large amounts of data, and provides e-commence vendors a comprehensive big data service. This helps the vendors build up their data-based business capability and achieve financial gains from big data.


  • The ability to process and analyze large amounts of data

    How to quickly process and analyze the large amounts of data that is collected by branded vendors.

  • Big data analysis and data agility

    In a constantly changing marketplace, branded vendors need to create analysis reports based on the transaction records that are generated seconds ago.

  • Big data-based business insights

    How to help branded vendors discover new business values.

Big data-based precision marketing

Huihe Marketing

Big data-based precision marketing

Huihe Marketing has built a core precision marketing platform based on big data by using MaxCompute. On this platform, MaxCompute stores all logs, and DataWorks performs offline scheduling and analysis.


  • Cost-effective analysis of large amounts of data

    Maintains high efficiency and low development costs when analyzing large numbers of logs.

  • Real-time data searching and analysis

    The system responds to the customers' search requests and returns the required information based on the tags in milliseconds.

  • User-friendly machine learning platform

    As a vendor that provides precision marketing services, revenue is dependent on the quality of algorithm models.


Data Security Management

Tianhong Asset Management

Data security management

“The data protection service can easily solve data security problems, accurately identify sensitive data and implement data classification with fine granularity. The service also identifies suspicious access behaviors and visually displays statistical information.", says the Director of Information Security at Tianhong.


  • Sensitive data identification

    Automatically identifies sensitive data and uses tags to classify the data based on custom rules.

  • Sensitive data masking and presentation

    Allows you to set data masking rules to mask the sensitive information during data presentation.

  • Risk monitoring of sensitive data operations

    Visually monitors data distribution, usage, and exporting, and provides the custom risk identification and auditing feature.


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