Savings Plans

Offsets pay-as-you-go bills for ECS computing resources, system disks, and public bandwidth.
Improves flexibility and reduces costs by up to 76%.

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A New Flexible and Cost-effective Pricing Model

Savings plans are a new pricing model that can reduce the costs of pay-as-you-go instances by up to 76%.

This pricing model offers a lower price for pay-as-you-go ECS and ECI instances. Savings plans do not have any limits on the regions, instance families, sizes, or operating systems of instances. Savings plans make it simple and efficient for you to deploy your business while further reducing usage costs.

Savings plans offer pay-as-you-go billing discounts and help achieve flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency improvement.



Savings plans can be applied to pay-as-you-go instances across instance families, sizes, images, and regions to suit business needs and reduce usage costs.


You can select a duration of one or three years for your savings plans based on your business needs. You can choose between general-purpose and ECS compute savings plans based on your business convergence. Savings plans can reduce usage costs by up to 76%.

Ease of Use

A plan calculator is provided to help you select savings plans more accurately. The calculator recommends savings plans based on your business needs.

Comparison of Plan Types

ECS compute savings plans are less flexible but offer higher discounts than general purpose savings plans.

Item General-purpose ECS Compute
Use Across Services Can be used across services. General-purpose savings plans can be applied to the following services and resources:
Computing resources (vCPU and memory), system disks, and public bandwidth of ECS instances
Computing resources (vCPU and memory) of ECI instances
Can only be applied to computing resources (vCPU and memory), system disks, and public bandwidth of ECS instances.
Region Limitations Has no limitations on regions. Can only be applied within a single region.
Instance Limitations Has no limitations on instance families, instance sizes, or operating systems. Can only be applied to a specific instance family regardless of the instance size or operating system.

Purchase and Use Guidelines


Select a Savings Plan Type

Choose between general-purpose (high flexibility) and
ECS compute (offers higher billing discounts but requires regions and instance families to be selected.)


Make an Hourly Commitment

Specify an hourly commitment. If you have instances running, the system recommends a suitable hourly commitment based on your past consumption trends.


Select a Payment Option and Duration

Select a payment option (All Upfront/Partial Upfront/No Upfront) and payment duration (one year/three years)


Payment and Activation

Savings plans are automatically applied to offset the bills of pay-as-you-go instances in real-time without any further operations.


Manage Savings Plans

Savings plans can be monitored and managed in real-time in the Alibaba Cloud Management Console.

Success Stories

  • H71767保湿补

    A customer in the finance industry has multiple subscription ECS instances of different instance families in multiple regions. These instances are difficult to manage and cannot be flexibly adjusted. The customer uses savings plans to improve efficiency and reduce costs by 23%.

  • Online Education

    A customer in online education needs to change the configurations of ECS instances to meet business requirements frequently. The subscription billing method requires that the price difference be made up for configuration upgrades. Savings plans enable the customer to upgrade the configurations of ECS instances at any time without a need to make up the price difference. It also reduced the costs by 17%.

  • Gaming

    A customer in the gaming industry has its business deployed in a variety of environments and needs to create and release ECS instances frequently. Subscription instances are complicated to manage and must be released, refunded, and then repurchased, whereas pay-as-you-go instances cost more. Savings plans help simplify operations at no additional costs.

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