ECS Bare Metal Instance

An elastic and horizontally scalable high-performance computing service providing the same computing performance as traditional physical servers including physical isolation.

Based on next-generation virtualization technology independently developed by Alibaba Cloud, ECS Bare Metal Instance features both the elasticity of a virtual server and the high-performance and comprehensive features of a physical server. Compared with its predecessor, the next-generation virtualization technology of these instances excel in supporting standard Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and nested virtualization technology. This enables you to retain the elasticity capability of common ECS while delivering the same user experience as physical servers.


Ultimate Computing Performance
Leverage the same high-performance computing as physical servers to deliver optimal performance and user experience.
Secure Physical Isolation
Enjoy the same advantages in isolation as physical servers for secure, reliable, stable, and exclusive computing resources.
Delivery in Minutes
Delivery within minutes, allowing you to conveniently adapt to diversified business needs.
Compatible With All Other Cloud Products
Compatible with all Alibaba Cloud products, providing a wide range of extensive cloud solutions.


  • High-performance Physical Servers With the Elasticity of a Virtual Server

    CPU configuration

    Supports 8, 16, 32, 64, and 96 cores and ultra-high frequency instances

    Memory configuration

    Supports instance memory expansion from 32 GB to 768 GB. For better computing performance, we recommend a CPU to memory ratio of 1:4 or 1:8

    Storage configuration

    Supports starting from virtual server images or cloud disks to deliver instances in minutes. Supports mounting multiple cloud disks for better storage scalability.

    Network configuration

    Supports VPC networks, maintaining the interconnection with common ECS instances and other cloud products. Delivers the same comparable performance and stability as physical server networks.

    Image configuration

    Adopts the same images as common ECS virtual servers, thereby enabling flexible configuration changes to virtual servers without the need for any additional configurations

    Security configuration

    Maintains the same security policies and flexibility as existing ECS virtual servers

    Encrypted computing

    ECS Bare Metal Instance supports SGX to guarantee that encrypted data is cleaned, processed and computed in a secure and trusted environment

  • Ultimate Computing Capability

  • Secure Physical Isolation

  • Deliver in Minutes

  • Compatible With Other Cloud Products

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