September 30th China Mobile Shantou Anti-DDoS Server Room (Termination of Service Notice)

[Operator] [China Mobile Shantou Service Termination Notice]
Service termination time: Starting on September 30th, 2019, Beijing Time, the China Mobile (Shantou) Anti-DDoS server room will stop external service.
Location of Stopped Service: China Mobile Shantou Anti-DDoS server room
Impact of Stopped Service: The Anti-DDoS server room that is scheduled to stop service is the China Mobile Shantou server room. Please check (for example, through the Taobao IP address library) whether the location of the China Mobile Anti-DDoS IP you are using is with China Mobile Shantou in Guangdong Province. If yes, please contact us by creating a service ticket. We will help you to switch your service to a new BGP Anti-DDoS server room with better network quality. The switching can be done seamlessly between locations. There will be no extra charge for switching. If you are not using a China Mobile Anti-DDoS line, please ignore this announcement.

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