Alibaba ECS and VPC upgrade notice

Dear user,

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) at the regions of China North 2, Hong Kong, and Asia Pacific SE 1 (Singapore) will be upgraded on UTC+8 01:00-04:00 a.m., May 9th. for optimization purpose. Only following services in aforesaid regions are affected.

1. Impact scope

(1) The official Alibaba Cloud website will suspend sales of ECS and independent cloud disks, so you cannot buy or renew/upgrade your ECS in the affected region on the official website.

(2) You cannot perform any operations on ECS in the affected region on the ECS console or through ECS APIs. These operations include but are not limited to: instance creation, release, start, stop and restart, disk reinitialization, as well as snapshot creation and rollback, reset, and custom image creation. The normal operation of ECS will not be affected during the upgrade period. If you call an ECS API for one of the affected operations listed above, the same error code will be returned: ServiceUnavailable.

(3) ECS will suspend automatic snapshot creation in the affected region during the upgrade period.

(4) The official Alibaba Cloud website will suspend EIP activation. You cannot perform any operations on VPC-related resources through the VPC console or ECS APIs.

(5) Any ECS-based cloud services like Auto Scaling, Resource Orchestration Service, Container Service, and E-MapReduce will not be able to automatically create or release ECS instances.

(6) You cannot buy, upgrade or release Basic ApsaraDB single-host products (MySQL 5.7 and SQL Server 2012) on the official Alibaba Cloud website or open APIs.

2. Preparation

If you need to perform any of the above operations during the upgrade period, please make preparations in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience incurred and thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your support for Alibaba Cloud!

Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.

Apr 30, 2017