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OpenSearch - The table-based conversational capability of OpenSearch LLM-based Conversational Search Edition is released

Dec 26 2023

OpenSearch LLM-based Conversational Search Edition supports table data and provides intelligent conversational capability based on table data.

Intended customers: 1. Customers who have content search requirements for internal enterprise documents and knowledge bases, and in business scenarios such as e-commerce and marketing. 2. Customers who have requirement for conversational search, document summary, and table-based conversational capabilities. 3. Customers who want to build enterprise-specific large language models (LLMs) but have relatively few resources, manpower, and budgets. New features or specifications: Users can upload structured data such as tables and start intelligent conversations based on the information in the data. The conversational search capability for tables and complex structured information is supported. Users can quickly query or summarize information in tables or data sources. This improves the information processing efficiency and office efficiency, and helps users quickly build a conversational search system that supports more types of conversations.

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