New Features

Log Service (SLS) - Supports Data Transformation

Log Service provides the data transformation feature. This feature allows you to access, analyze, ship, and connect to data.

Target customers: enterprises that need to standardize and process data, and analyze data together with other data sources. Features released: The data transformation feature includes the following capabilities: 1. Data standardization. You can extract strings from data stored in a Logstore and convert the data into structured data. 2. Data distribution. You can read data from a Logstore and distribute the data to destination Logstores based on the related rules 3. Data enrichment. You can add additional information to logs stored in a Logstore. You can join the log data and the data of various dimension tables, for example, the dimension tables in Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets, MySQL databases, or other Logstores. 4. Data cleansing. You can filter, split, and customize user-defined functions (UDFs) for the data stored in a Logstore. Then, you can perform stream processing or data analysis in a warehouse.

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