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Anti-DDoS - Support for Client-side TLS Fingerprinting and Attack Prevention

Jan 16 2024

Alibaba Cloud provides proprietary algorithms that can identify and calculate TLS fingerprints of clients that initiate requests and supports configuration of the protection rules.

Target customers: 1. Enterprise-level customers with high protection requirements. 2. Customers who are using other vendors, which provide capabilities such as TLS fingerprinting and protection rule configuration and migration. These customers can be won back. Feature description: In some cases, an attacker may simulate a real client by forging a client fingerprint to attempt to establish a large number of connections or make a large number of HTTP requests, causing the server to stop responding or refuse to provide services. Anti-DDoS launches the feature of TLS fingerprinting and protection for clients. This allows customers to better respond to the preceding attacks, improving the user experience.

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