New Features

MaxCompute - Release of Job Performance Observation

May 08 2024

You can view the metrics related to the overall job runtime to determine whether the job performance meets your expectations.

Target customers: big data developers and O&M engineers. Features released: The job performance observation feature provided by MaxCompute allows you to view the following metrics: (1) The trend of the number of jobs over a period of time. (2) The trend of CU usage, including CPU-hour and memory-hour, over a period of time. (3) The trend of job runtime durations, including the average, maximum, minimum, and quantile runtime durations, over a period of time. You can filter all the preceding metrics by time range, project, or quota. You can also group these metrics by job type, running status, project, or quota. You can use the preceding metrics to check whether an issue occurs, such as surges in the number of jobs or surges in resource usage. If an issue occurs, you can resolve the issue at the earliest opportunity. The system compares job runtime durations during different periods of time and determines whether the job slowly runs and the job performance deteriorates.

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