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Cloud Firewall - Optimization of Port-based Access Control in Cloud Firewall

Jan 10 2024

Cloud Firewall
Helps users configure access control policies to improve policy effectiveness and user experience.

Port-based access control and port address books are optimized in Cloud Firewall to improve user experience. The following items are supported: 1. Port ranges can be specified in the Start port/End port format. The valid port numbers are from 0 to 65535. For example, 0/0 indicates all port ranges, 22/25 indicates port 22, port 23, port 24, and port 25, and 80/80 indicates port 80. 2. Multiple port ranges must be separated by commas (,) or line feeds. Example: 22/22,80/88. 3. Up to 2,000 port ranges can be specified in a port address book.

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