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DataWorks - Migration Assistant Available for Public Preview

Jul 10 2020

DataWorks Migration Assistant is in the public preview stage. It allows developers to quickly migrate development results in DataWorks.

Target customers: users who have self-managed big data services, industrial big data software providers, and users who want to migrate their development results. Features released: 1. DataWorks Migration Assistant allows you to migrate the jobs of scheduling engines, such as Oozie and Azkaban, to DataWorks and convert the jobs to MaxCompute or E-MapReduce (EMR) jobs. 2. It also allows you to export the data objects in a DataWorks workspace and import the objects to another DataWorks workspace. The objects include auto triggered nodes, manually triggered nodes, resources, functions, data sources, table metadata, ad hoc queries, and script templates. You can specify mappings between objects in the source workspace and those in the destination workspace when you import the objects. After the objects are migrated, Migration Assistant generates a migration report. You can view the migration results in the report.

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