James Griffis

Airwallex Lead DevOps Engineer


Field of Expertise
Distributed system and computing Internet product design Cloud storage Data storage and database Security
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Awarded Field:SolutionAwarded Time:2018-03


I am a DevOps engineer based in Melbourne Australia with more than 10 years experiance in IT Solutions, I have also had more than 5 years experiance as a developer building web apps windows and phone applications and backend restful services.

As a DevOps engineer i Specialize in CI/CD, Cloud Networking, Physical Networking, Container Networking, Linux, Windows and Orechestration, And i have a very broad range of skills and experiance including coding and scripting in 15 different languages.

I am Currently working for a Fintech Startup as the Devops lead with a team of 3 being a startup its a super fast paced and dynamic environment with tons of interesting challenges, The main driving force and the reason i love being a DevOps engineer is learning new things and being constantly challenged in finding the best solutions to complicated problems.