Grant Dawson


United States

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VR Computer Vision AI Gaming Web Project Management
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Awarded Field:Big DataAwarded Time:2018-03


Former financial and automotive Software Team Lead at global fortune 100 companies such as Hyundai. Equipped with 16 certifications from CIW, CompTIA, Oracle and Microsoft. Designed, proposed and acquired multi-million dollar projects from Hyundai as a contractor.

Whenever technology changes, users have high expectactions for software engineers to lead and invent the next great trends. My role in this industry is to create apps that people are waiting to be made. Advances in VR, 3D maps and personal life apps have impressed and helped billions of users in recent years. Some of my activities that aid in our technological development involve: better AI, VR shopping, AR chatting, real-world maps in games and improving software development best practices. I also love to make existing softwares faster, more scalable and revolutionary by adding an aspect of creativity to already strong ideas.

My influences are George Hotz (phone and game console hacker), Marshall Mathers (musical artist), Mark Fischbach (former engineer and gamer) and Felix Arvid (the most famous man on the internet). They all have one thing in common, and a trait that I hope to share; they changed the world with their own passion and skills. I am a software developer and CTO of Uwo, a technology solutions company that focuses on VR, travel, GIS mapping and general solutions for a variety of industries. I started programming on a WebTV console with a remote control, learning from hacking websites and making small websites for friends and family. Since then I have experienced the magic of C++, Java, C# and every language in between. My favorite thing today is React and NodeJS.

It has been 17 short years of exploration, though somehow, I feel that the next few years are the start of a brand new journey for me, and all of us. During the day I am chasing my dreams, making cool new things and working with companies in China to reach goals together. At night, I am making 3D maps, hacking online games and reading about some new API. I also like to make apps for myself and family that help with daily activities, and honestly that's what I love about software, I can make tools to help people around me. Programming is my hobby, innovation is my job.

  • FCCLA/FHA-HERO Child Education Psychology Gold Medal

  • Mobile check deposits

  • VR web browser

  • Netflix plugins

  • Online game hacks (GunZ, FFXI, FFXIV, MMORPGs, FPS)