Sai Sarath Chandra

Software Engineer


Field of Expertise
Java Android Machine Learning Front End Developerment DevOps
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Awarded Field:ApplicationAwarded Time:2017-12


I am a curious bug about Technology and I love programming and architecting. I have contributed to a lot of open source projects and even developed several services which involve these solutions. I love attending and conducting developer community meetups. I strongly believe software can change and improve people's lives, so I love to help communities achieve this cause. I am a frequent learner, for me, learning is not a phase but a continuous process. I have the profound knowledge of programming languages like Java, Kotlin, Python, and JavaScript, as well as experience with several architectural patterns. I am currently involved in analysis and improvement of cloud technologies and designing machine learning models for several use cases. Particularly in India, we need something like this, especially where you can see lots of businesses transforming and adopting cloud technologies. I am very happy to share my technical expertise with them. In my spare time, I like to play badminton, chess, and travel around the world. As part of the community, I have pledged myself to "Help and Collaborate" the Alibaba Cloud family.