Alibaba Cloud’s widely distributed availability zones and highly stable computing, storage, and networking services, enabled TFI, the official worldwide online streaming provider for the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards, to deliver smooth and reliable streams to nearly 100,000 viewers in 27 designated territories.

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About TFI Digital Media Limited

TFI Digital Media Ltd (TFI) is a pioneer in video technology with a vision to “Bring Content, Culture, and People Together”. Incorporated in 2010, TFI is headquartered in Hong Kong. It focuses on the research and development in Video related Technologies, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and the latest Blockchain technology to disrupt and transform the markets across the globe and deliver the latest technology applications. Being a leading video technology company, TFI strives to empower its clients to embark on the business transformation journey and create remarkable business value to drive growth.

The Challenge

As a leading video technology company, it is imperative for TFI to access video footage anywhere across the globe, around the clock. Additionally, since TFI also conducts live cross-border virtual training, it requires the elasticity to deal with the varying video content demands, as well as content acceleration to reach the global audience. Therefore, it was basically seeking a cloud partner that can provide: • Stable and reliable performance • Global accessibility • Efficient handling of massive data volumes • Seamless management of heavy traffic • High concurrent data processing capabilities • Elasticity to scale up or down according to actual traffic demands • Security Furthermore, Mainland China is a crucial market for TFI, and they were looking for a reliable cloud provider in China that could help in gaining a stronghold in the China market and overcome the unstable speed issues between Hong Kong and China.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud’s robust infrastructure and dynamic services helped TFI to drastically improve network performance, seamlessly migrate to the cloud and significantly minimize costs. With Alibaba Cloud, TFI provided smooth worldwide live streaming without any additional investment in hardware or network service across different territories, which helped to drastically reduce time and cost. Such value-adding implementation strengthens TFI’s credibility in the industry as the cutting-edge video technology provider that delivers broadcast-grade and smooth live streaming to clients.

The Solution

Alibaba Cloud's cloud-based server, storage, and network services provide TFI great scalability and control over the heavy traffic and high concurrent data processing. By tightly integrating TFI's HERMES Live with Alibaba Cloud infrastructure during the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA), TFI was able to deliver smooth and reliable video streaming in real-time to nearly 100,000 worldwide audiences in 27 designated territories. In another scenario, Alibaba Cloud helped open the doors for TFI's client, King's Glory Education (KGE), by allowing them to reach students globally, and enabling TFI to reach the Mainland China market. Through Alibaba Cloud's Content Delivery Network (CDN) and dedicated Express Connect, TFI enables KGE to avoid unpredictable network latency and unstable speed issues between Hong Kong and China, so as to deliver smooth and reliable streams of company events and tutorial classes hosted in China to audiences in China as well as overseas. TFI's HERMES Live Encoder M and multi-CDN OTT solution is tightly integrated with Alibaba Cloud infrastructure to enable real-time video streaming application for KGE. Alibaba Cloud provides the scalability, reliability, and performance required for this mission-critical application. Now training is delivered across the borders at KGE, allowing them to reach a wider global audience on all devices. With this implementation, TFI's collaboration with KGE is strengthened and accelerated.