“Alibaba Cloud has the best services, best expertise, and the best quality, at the best price."

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About TerraLocus Technologies

TerraLocus Technologies is a privately held company focused on innovation and providing high-quality products in diverse domains and markets. While TerraLocus Technologies' headquarters is located in Hyderabad, India, the company launched their e-commerce related application www.BeforeBuyApp.com on the Alibaba Cloud platform. BeforeBuyApp provides online and offline buyers with actionable intelligence so that customers get the best buying experience. Based on Alibaba Cloud's resource flexibility, BeforeBuyApp is hosted as a website and as an Android application.


In their search for the right cloud platform, TerraLocus evaluated multiple products and markets, building prototypes and ready-to-launch products. The challenge for TerraLocus was not the products but the actual delivery system. The company needed a high-quality IT infrastructure to support its multiple products. For any startup, this is a daunting challenge and time-consuming. After having completed a self-analysis on building their own hosting and data storage servers and IT networks, they chose to use Alibaba Cloud and have seen immediate results. TerraLocus also needed the flexibility to host multiple products simultaneously on hands-free infrastructure as well as high availability.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

With the highest number of Internet users in the world, gaining access to China was a major priority for the company to enable their products to gain more traction and have the potential to increase customers in China. With Alibaba Cloud’s association to Alibaba, the leading online e-commerce brand in China, TerraLocus felt confident in their decision that Alibaba Cloud would be the best way to gain access to the Chinese market. For TerraLocus, Alibaba Cloud not only provided the expertise and resources that the company needed, but also a positive record working with other startups, which factored heavily into their decision. In addition to Alibaba Cloud's technological expertise, TerraLocus recognized that they could benefit from a competitive pricing structure and high-performance computing power and ability to defend against DDoS attacks.


Deploying the company’s BeforeBuyApp platform on the cloud proved to be smooth and fast for TerraLocus. Setting up the application was performed without any technical issues. Alibaba Cloud’s web console tools and VNC console were used to build and set up their cloud servers (Elastic Compute Service) and Alibaba Cloud’s customer support team were rapid in responding to their questions, such as setting up DNS entries. With this successful launch, the company has more time to focus on future products and their consumers.


TerraLocus’ web application is built using the Linux, MongoDB, NodeJS (LMN) stack. The web server built on NodeJS receives web requests and processes them, and the MongoDB database is used for data storage and retrieval. Setting up the frameworks and platforms was performed on Elastic Compute Service (ECS) by using the standard installation commands for Linux, the files transferred on to the cloud server flawlessly and securely. The memory and processor configurations of the cloud server were chosen based on the database size and processor speed requirements.

Final Word

“Alibaba Cloud has the best services, best expertise, and the best quality, at the best price."