Teridion is a cloud solutions provider that saw opportunity in the China market and is now offering 20x average performance improvement over the regular Internet for its China users through Alibaba Cloud.

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About Teridion

Teridion is a U.S and Israeli based cloud solutions provider, and we specialize in cloud optimized routing for dynamic content delivery. Teridion serves its global customer base by leveraging the cloud, virtualization and automation to optimize their end-user Internet experience, while removing the need for hardware and any server or client software changes. Teridion supports multiple verticals including file sharing and synchronization, voice and video, disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), application and ad sharing, as well as analytics.


Teridion’s Global Cloud Network’s (GCN) footprint supports customers in all geographies. The better the local presence, the better performance our customers can achieve. Given the importance of China, and signing up new customers with a presence there, we needed to partner with a Cloud Service Provider that had a good local presence in China.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

As noted, our goal is to provide a peak user experience across any geography, ultimately benefiting customer retention and revenue for our customers. To enable this, we need to be able to deploy our GCN as close as possible to our customers’ end-users. As international business to and from China increases, we therefore required a cloud service provider partner with a local presence in China. In addition, we needed a partner that could offer a service not only in China, but also for those customers that wanted to use the same provider in other geographies. Alibaba Cloud met both requirements. We were impressed when the full suite of Alibaba Cloud capabilities were presented to us for the first time, and I think in general very few in the US and other regions looking for cloud solutions are aware of Alibaba Cloud’s capabilities. Going forward this could be a leverage point for us, where customers would wish to take advantage of other Alibaba Cloud services. As we move forward with MAP, these services such as Big Data, Security, and Middleware will be appealing to our customers.


Alibaba Cloud is an integral part of our GCN, with our management system automatically provisioning our virtual routers in any Alibaba Cloud data center based on customer traffic. Any of our customers outside of China needing the best performance in China, or vice-versa, can therefore take advantage of this. We can now offer on average a 20x performance improvement over the regular Internet for China users, and without Alibaba Cloud’s presence in the different metropolitan areas, this would not be possible. The Alibaba Cloud footprint also offers a more stable infrastructure between China and other regions that we’ve seen with other cloud providers. As the Alibaba Cloud global footprint grows, customers in additional regions will also benefit.

Final Word

Spread the word more in the US and elsewhere about Alibaba Cloud. We’ve appreciated the opportunity to partner thus far.