"Our first choice was to seek the services of Alibaba Cloud and Sunline. Their extensive list of successful case studies as well as the teams’ commitment, dedication and professionalism have proven to be the perfect choice for Sabah Pay." George Taitim Tulas CEO of SCC

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About Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC)

Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC) is a statutory body fully owned by the Sabah State Government in Malaysia, with the aim of contributing towards the socio-economic development of the State of Sabah. SCC complements the state government's efforts by providing or facilitating financial credits to promote and encourage private investments in a wide range of industry verticals.


In line with the government’s Economic Transformation Program and Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) vision to transform Malaysia into a cashless society, Sabah State Government aims to implement Smart Finance to drive financial inclusion, making financial services accessible and affordable, filling the void of inaccessibility to rural areas and promoting urbanization. The launch of Sabah State e-wallet, Sabah Pay is the first step and a crucial enabler of Smart Finance vision, enriching the lives of urban consumers by saving time and costs associated with financial transactions as well as to benefit businesses through greater labor efficiencies, lower direct costs and increased revenues via digital payments.

Why Alibaba Cloud

By working with both Alibaba Cloud and Sunline Value, SCC was able to move a step closer to fully achieving their goal of transforming Malaysia into a cashless society. By leveraging the power of cloud computing, SCC was able to build a robust platform for Sabah Pay with the following benefits: • Cloud-native, robust and mature digital core banking solution through continuous R&D and innovation. • Supports massive transactions and high concurrency to allow Sabah Pay to scale and provision for on-demand requirements. • Provides deep insights through a consolidated, structured and rich data platform to provide citizen-centric services. • Built on open platform framework for maximum efficiency, flexibility and scalability. • A comprehensive platform that provides a cost-efficient, advanced, intelligent and secure services to power Sabah Pay efficiently.


The main feature of the first phase of Sabah Pay is the centralization of cash collection for Sabah State Government while digital lifestyle services like eKYC, virtual account, virtual financing, smart loan, multiple payment channels, e-parking, e-ticketing and more will be made available in the coming phases. Deploying a cloud-native, flexible, agile and fully integrated digital banking solution will allow Sabah Pay to deliver digital financial services seamlessly. The ability to support high concurrency, massive data and distributed deployment will deliver robust product support and scaling capabilities, ensuring leapfrog customer services and experience ever-changing users’ needs and demands.

Looking Forward

SCC hopes to continually innovate through its collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, in order to achieve its vision of making a difference for the society by contributing to the state's economic and social agenda.