“It is easy to deploy and migrate ECS and RDS products. The performance of the Alibaba Cloud server is extremely flexible, stable, and reliable."

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About Redspots

Tao Mi, an AR social app created by Redspots Creative, is the first AR pan-entertainment platform in Greater China. The company's self-developed AR engine and platform technology enables mass users to create and publish simple AR content instantly. The company branched out into the AR business in 2007 and has accumulated rich experience in content and application creation. The company has established in-depth cooperation with a number of renowned IPs, including Sing! China and Miss Asia. In the future, the company plans to open the backend to allow business customers and 4A advertising companies to operate on their own, thus getting a greater market presence.


Redspots Creative is now running Tao Mi, a proprietary AR-based social app of this technology-driven company. Considering the rapid growth and huge user base of social apps, a highly scalable and stable system is needed to support the ever-growing demands. Targeted at mass users, Tao Mi requires reliable performance and high cost efficiency to respond quickly to changes in social and advertising campaigns. Meanwhile, the company plans to explore the market outside the Greater China region and Alibaba Cloud's ability to serve globally has given us the confidence to do that.


The Alibaba Cloud staff offered us detailed product presentation and system configuration guidance, which has dramatically reduced our learning curve. Now, we have the VPS architecture that makes us safer and the ECS and RDS products that are easy to migrate and deploy. We are also happy with the system performance delivered by Alibaba Cloud, which is excellent, consistent and reliable.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud has helped us save a lot of time and human resource costs. It is very intuitive and convenient to build a system on Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud can scale easily to fit our needs. Our products are now available Mainland China and Hong Kong and will be marketed to other Non-Greater China regions. For this reason, Alibaba Cloud has provided us with easy-to-use solutions for server migration and deployment. We can easily choose the area where we need to deploy the servers, which is helpful for our future development. In addition to the products, we have benefited a lot from Alibaba Cloud's technical support, which is part of the reason we have chosen to use Alibaba Cloud.