Pacific Coffee serves more than just coffee with Alibaba Cloud, they provide an experience.

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About Pacific Coffee

Pacific Coffee is passionate about coffee and committed to making coffeehouses an urban oasis. They pledge to provide every customer with quality handcrafted coffee and beverages mixed in with a comfortable setting to hang out and enjoy a bite to eat as well. In addition to being passionate about coffee, Pacific Coffee is also passionate about technology, they feature a fully connected coffeehouse setting where one can enjoy a cup of coffee in peace but stay connected while they do. Pacific Coffee’s technology allows for a superior customer experience where the last thing a customer has to worry about it getting a primo cup of coffee. To ensure customers have a total lifestyle experience Pacific Coffee chose Alibaba Cloud as their cloud provider.

The Challenge

Early on, Pacific Coffee was debating whether to host on-premises servers or go to the Cloud. For Pacific Coffee, they had a hard time keeping up with campaigns which affected their customer experience because of low availability.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Pacific Coffee ended up making the right decision going to the cloud; the cloud offered them increased elasticity and scalability. Even during sales campaigns, their website remained available and elastic. Also going to cloud allowed them to revamp their application. By creating a new coffee application, they were able to accept mobile payments over the phone, track membership rewards, and establish new online campaigns. The app ended up being the perfect bridge for both online and in-store customer experiences.

Final Word

In addition to using Alibaba Cloud’s ECS, SLB, RDS, and VPC products to solve elasticity, performance and agility issues, Alibaba Cloud’s support and the Alibaba Ecosystem offers new market potential and limitless opportunities.