“Alibaba Cloud CDN helps MNC in ensuring all content delivered to users in Indonesia smoothly even for some users who only have low bandwidth." – MNC Group CTO

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About MNC Group

As Indonesia's leading integrated media company, MNC Group holds Indonesia's largest and most extensive multi-platform media portfolio. MNC owns and operations four national free-to-air channels and is Indonesia's largest content producer and largest pay-for-TV operator. MNC also developed, owns, and operates meTube.id, which is a major online video sharing platform in Indonesia. meTube.id is an extensive, all-in-one online video platform where Indonesians can watch and share video content. On the meTube.id platform, you can watch a variety of entertaining content through special platform channels like talent search, various competitions, and live streams from a variety of sources including RCTI, MNCTV, Global TV, iNewsTV.


Indonesia is now one of fasting growing digital economies in Asia. In fact, in the last five years, digital content consumption has grown steadily in the country with 150 million Indonesians online, 98% of whom watch online video content on a weekly basis. With this surge in online video consumption, MNC's in-house network solution was no longer sufficient for the content delivery requirements of their meTube.id platform. Therefore, MNC Corp requires a capable and effective infrastructure solution that can deliver content in a fast and reliable way—one that can overcome low bandwidth bottlenecks.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud's networking solution is a mature, full-featured solution that can help MNC stay competitive in Indonesia's quickly growing digital media market. Alibaba Cloud's networking solution has provided superior network performance in the delivery of content for end users across Indonesia through a flexible solution that takes advantage of several innovative technologies.


By offloading network traffic to Alibaba Cloud's Content Delivery Network (CDN), a stable and reliable experience was ensured for MNC's several millions of customers. The network solution can fully support both the average traffic loads of meTube.id and high traffic bursts during major, popular live streaming events. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud's solution has provided optimizations through such changes as improved codecs for platform video players. Alibaba Cloud's networking solution has had a huge impact on the meTube.id platform, allowing for a superior user experience, which has in turn lead to a significant increase in the number of platform viewers. Moreover, through Alibaba Cloud's flexible pay-as-you-go payment option, network traffic can expand organically to meet platform demands elastically in a cost efficient manner that in no ways sacrifices the end user's experience.

Looking Forward

With the improvements implemented with Alibaba Cloud's public cloud solution, MNC Group plans to continue to expand their user coverage to other viewers outside of Indonesia, throughout South East Asia and beyond.