"Alibaba Cloud helped improve the end-to-end customer journey. When a customer find us via our websites, they can access our products and content quickly; and book our services."

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About Melco

Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited (Melco) is a developer, owner, and operator of entertainment casino resort facilities and casino gaming in Asia. Founded in 2004, Melco is a NASDAQ listed corporation and one of the top five Integrated Resorts operators worldwide. Melco endeavors to offer the best entertainment experience across a wide spectrum of customers by leveraging technology and data. It intends to implement innovative products and services to deliver superior customer experience and emerge as the leader in the regional gaming industry.


To pursue its overseas expansion objectives, Melco planned to enter the China market. While China offers tremendous advantages for Melco, the company encountered several challenges hosting its website in the country. Melco was looking for a reliable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider that can help it expedite website launch in China and achieve the following: Dynamic Infrastructure Support: Meet comprehensive enterprise IT architecture requirements for streamlining operations in the region. Cost-efficiency: Minimize capital expenditure during expansion efforts to ease the financial burden. Exceptional Customer Services: Implement digital transformation and data-driven integrated solutions for seamless customer engagement and improved overall experience. Stable and Reliable Performance: Ensure effective cybersecurity and consistent network performance.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provided a one-stop Go China solution for Melco to easily and quickly host a website in China. Alibaba Cloud supported Melco with a comprehensive solution encompassing Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing consultancy, cybersecurity solutions. Alibaba Cloud managed security services and global network acceleration helped Melco to expand their business footprint in China. By implementing Alibaba Cloud’s products and services, Melco overcame its IT and business challenges and witnessed the following benefits: Network Performance Improvement: Partnering with Alibaba Cloud helped Melco launch .cn websites in China market and significantly increase the performance by at least 200%. Cost Savings: Deploying Alibaba Cloud’s products and services eliminated the need to build infrastructure from scratch for web hosting and seamless network connectivity. Ease of Obtaining ICP License: Filing for ICP via Alibaba Cloud is an instant and hassle-free six-step process.

The Solution

To enable Melco to kickstart its China journey, Alibaba Cloud provided a comprehensive solution including web hosting, China Gateway, and ICP Support. The solution helped Melco deliver a seamless experience to its customers in China. With Alibaba Cloud’s expertise to meet enterprise architecture and cybersecurity requirements to launch websites in the China market, deployment happened in approximately 4 weeks from the first meeting with the team to the product launch. Melco leveraged an array of Alibaba Cloud’s products including Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Server Load Balancer (SLB) to manage the web traffic, Object Storage Service (OSS) to manage the data-driven services, Content Delivery Network (CDN) to overcome latency challenges, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to deliver seamless integrated services, and Anti-DDoS to ensure cybersecurity. The Alibaba Cloud solution helped Melco provide its China customers 2x faster access to International resources.