"In the beginning of the pandemic, we were one of the first local companies to provide masks online. Through the comprehensive cloud solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud, we successfully supported a peak of 1.4 million visitors with our architecture. By leveraging the cloud-based integrated membership system, we can manage our customers more effectively." Tong Ka Fai Co-founder of Mask Factory

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About Mask Factory

Mask Factory is mainly engaged in the production and sales of non-woven masks. Currently, there are about 20 production lines with a monthly production capacity of 2 million masks. Mask Factory is the first batch of local manufacturers to launch into the Hong Kong market, hoping to provide customers in Hong Kong with high-quality anti-pandemic masks. At the beginning of the business, a "restricted purchase" policy was adopted to ensure a sufficient supply of masks for the public. As the supply of masks in Hong Kong increased, the company actively promoted customized print and cartoon masks to avoid "pandemic fatigue".


Mask Factory had to set up a sales platform within two months and scale up its website performance to be able to handle the sudden and high spikes in traffic. Mask Factory required real-time sales data to plan the factory's production, purchase material as per the plan, and analyze massive amounts of data for reporting. It also required scalable infrastructure and cloud service provider to ensure seamless customer experience and consistent sales

Why Alibaba Cloud

Mask Factory estimated the surge in website traffic and needed to find a solution that can support high concurrency scenarios and high traffic of the online store. Their search ended with Alibaba Cloud’s stable and reliable cloud offerings with a rich retail support. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud’s professional and comprehensive after-sales and technical support made their decision even easier.


Mask Factory leveraged Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Server Load Balancer (SLB), Application Load Balancer (ALB), ApsaraDB for Redis, and PolarDB core services to enable the fast and simple setup. The surge in traffic was also managed by the cloud infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud native Redis also helped to improve the login and registration process. After multiple login tests, PolarDB has significant performance compared with traditional database SQL, and increase by 20% ~ 30% performance.

Looking Forward

The structure of Alibaba Cloud and the e-commerce solution of its partner — Sampras, allowed Mask Factory to successfully handle a peak traffic of 1.4 million people. In the future, Mask Factory will actively focus on promoting products in the European and American markets. Mask Factory believes that Alibaba Cloud's efficient cloud and network security technology will enable them to expand their digital footprints and enter the global markets in a faster yet secure manner.