"Overall, the capabilities brought about by Alibaba Cloud's network and auto scaling solutions have allowed Lyto to focus on what it does best, eliminating the worry of installing and maintaining the physical infrastructure needed to support its online services."

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About Lyto

PT. Lyto Datarindo Fortuna is one of the largest online game publishers in Indonesia. As a big player in the PC multiplayer and smartphone games world, Lyto has released several popular titles, including Perfect World, RF, Idol-Street, and Roban—Blood Feud, with players all across Asia, including in Korea, Japan, China, and Singapore, and a growing number of players in newer markets like the US and UK.


For some time, Lyto has had a first-mover advantage over its competitors in the online gaming industry. However, as Lyto has grown into a large gaming company with games played in several different markets across the world, Lyto's original IT infrastructure has started to be a bottleneck to its continued expansion and growth. Therefore, Lyto requires a reliable and highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure to stay competitive in the gaming industry. Such an infrastructure could help deal with the challenges of expanding and deploying services to even more countries and regions across the world.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud is the number one choice in cloud computing in both China and the Asia Pacific region, making it a clear choice as Lyto's cloud service provider. Through using a host of Alibaba Cloud's network and auto scaling service solutions, Lyto was able to expand its online services with greater ease than ever before. And, at the same time, Alibaba Cloud's solutions have also given Lyto customers higher download speeds through improved network performance with lower latency. Overall, the support of Alibaba Cloud has allowed Lyto to focus on what it does best, eliminating the worry of installing and maintaining the physical infrastructure needed to support its online services.


With the move from on-premises deployments to Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service and network solutions, leveraging the capabilities of products like Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Lyto has been able to improve overall network connectivity and reliability while also reducing the time-to-market needed for new projects thanks to the scalability of these network solutions. At the same time, Lyto has also managed to eliminate the pesky burden of installing and maintaining physical servers by moving their downloadable patch files to Alibaba Cloud's various storage solutions. In summary, the several products, services and solutions of Alibaba Cloud have given Lyto the necessary technologies and capabilities to continue to develop its services and innovate, and ultimately provide the best online experience to its customers.

Looking Forward

Lyto has always had a strong focus in online games, and Lyto prides itself in providing customers with loads of fun as well as a strong sense of community. One way Lyto has done this in the past is through hosting customer-oriented events in Indonesia, which have featured game and cosplay competitions. Lyto hopes to continue to expand these events in the future, while also expanding its online service portfolio. To this end, Lyto has developed its proprietary payment gateway services, and also intends to enter the online video and movie market. Ultimately, Lyto wants to provide even more entertainment solutions for people all over the world.