Alibaba Cloud's deployment has resulted in our performance enhancement by 400% and a customer shopping experience second to none.”

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About KingSouq

KingSouq is a rapidly evolving e-commerce marketplace working with global brands to deliver innovative consumer products like mobile phones and fashion accessories.
Headquartered in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), KingSouq specializes in the promotion, distribution, and marketing of everyday products across from local and international brands in the Middle East and South Asia through its various online trade channels.


At KingSouq we were expanding our global footprint and were committed to delivering an exceptional shopping experience. A growing customer base not only increases revenue but also motivates us to improve our customer experience standards.
Our pre-existing legacy hosting service came with many challenges. We were initially using a Structured Query Language (SQL) database. So we decided to switch to a more flexible and cost-effective cloud platform that would enable us to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers. Our biggest challenge therefore was migrating our entire website to the cloud.


Products Used: ECS (Elastic Compute Service)
Server Load Balancer was implemented along with a VPC isolated public network to ensure high availability by routing only healthy instances and avoiding security risks.
Alibaba Cloud solved the performance issue from the database and the web framework thanks to their great processing speed. As a result
The introduction of an auto-scaling ECS to the system has given us the advantage of on-demand resource provisioning
Alibaba Cloud conducted a performance test supported by redesigning the scale-out-architecture infrastructure. The formation of a migration team committed to supporting database and file synchronization solved our migration challenge.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is obviously synonymous with e-commerce, and what also attracted us was their global service offering. Alibaba Cloud is the first to have a data center in the Middle East among the major international public cloud providers. This was a big selling point for us given our own presence in Dubai.
In addition, we were attracted to Alibaba Cloud given their security features and Anti-DDoS technology.