"Alibaba Cloud's strong presence in Indonesia with three word-class local data centers makes it an ideal choice for JakLingko to effectively host its applications and services while staying compliant with local regulations."

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Elastic Compute Service - ECSServer Load Balancer - SLBApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

About JakLingko

JakLingko is a public transport integration program designed to integrate the payment system and physical connections of multiple modes of transportation in Jakarta. It provides a convenient experience for customers using all modes of public transportation in DKI Jakarta and its surroundings. Through JakLingko's application, customers can easily make payments with a QR code, plan their routes by tracking fleets in real time, and enjoy other exciting benefits.


In order to achieve its goals, JakLingko must first overcome the challenges of deploying a stable, secure, and scalable architecture to host its applications. In particular, it was in search of a solution that could provide the following features: • High Availability: To make sure the solution is always up and running. • Scalability: To make sure the solution can handle the additional loads in case of increasing demands. • Security and Compliance: To put a 'safety net' in place for the solution, protecting its infrastructure from external cyber-attacks, such as a viruses, DDoS attacks, and malware. JakLingko also needed to make sure that the solution is compliant with local and industry laws.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud's strong presence in Indonesia with three word-class local data centers makes it an ideal choice for JakLingko to effectively host its applications and services. The company could easily rely on Alibaba Cloud for its production as well as disaster recovery requirements. Additionally, Alibaba Cloud has helped numerous local businesses in Indonesia across industry verticals, including public services, while providing high availability of 99.985% uptime guarantee backed with service-level agreements (SLA). Moreover, Alibaba Cloud offers flexible scaling capabilities, which enable JakLingko to dynamically provision and de-provision cloud resources based on workload demands. Alibaba Cloud also provides numerous innovative solutions that help JakLingko to reduce the time and personnel required to manage IT infrastructure.


JakLingko uses a loosely-coupled distributed architecture, which enables the scaling of the various components of the architecture independently. The Web-tier collects user requests and performs the heavy lifting of processing the business logic and talking to the database. The load balancer then helps distribute the workload between two availability zones. In the case of the database, JakLingko has a standby instance in secondary zone, which will failover and become the primary instance in the event of an issue in primary zone. Both the master and standby instances continuously synchronize data. Non-web transmission of data over the network such as Secure Shell (SSH) is encrypted with a virtual private network (VPN). Among the products used by JakLingko include: • Elastic Compute Service (ECS) • Server Load Balancer (SLB) • ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL

Looking Forward

In the future, JakLingko aims to fully utilize the capabilities of Alibaba Cloud’s Container Service portfolio, as well as implementing more security layers using WAF and Anti-DDoS.