Indonet entered a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud in 2017 and subsequently took over its Indonesia operations, Indonet has a clear track record and is very experienced in its business. The successful diversification became a growth strategy for indonet, which rapidly expanded into the infrastructure services, platform services, and application services.

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About Indonet

Established by people with a broad vision of Information and Communication Technology, Indonet is widely recognized as the pioneer of Indonesia’s internet era. Its mission to deliver the best information and communication services to the Indonesia community and as ICT services solution partner remains a guiding light and a central tenant of Indonet’s philosophy.

Start Up

As a startup Indonet's first office was tiny, it was just a small house located in East Jakarta. But from those humble beginnings, they did not hesitate and soon grew to the largest internet provider in Indonesia. Now, they are one of the top technology companies in the world let alone in Indonesia.

Scaling Up

From humble beginnings, the company has blossomed into a business enabler that delivers reliable and high-quality services in Indonesia. Indonet's main service solutions are increasingly complete and strategic. They now provide local infrastructure, data centers, network and managed IT services. As they looked toward the future, they have integrated Alibaba Cloud services and products that gives Indonet a competitive advantage and allow their other online services such as POS systems to thrive.

Why Alibaba Cloud

In 2017, the company partnered with Alibaba Cloud, acting as the main distributor for the latter’s cloud computing services in Indonesia. The partnership has seen success from both sides of the deal. Aside from Alibaba Cloud gaining entry into the Indonesian market, Indonet has been able to grow their market share by over 100%. Indonet has had more and more successful ventures since partnering with Alibaba Cloud. One significant achievement for Indonet was when then Head of ASEAN & ANZ - Alibaba Cloud, Raymond Ma awarded Indonet as the ‘Fastest Growing Partner in Alibaba Cloud in South East Asia.’ Currently, Alibaba Cloud and Indonet are enabling over 360 companies all around Indonesia.

Looking Ahead

Today, thanks to Alibaba Cloud, Indonet has a higher market capitalization because they are not running an internet-based business, but network-based service. In the future, Indonet hopes to continue to leverage Alibaba Cloud products and services to serve the Indonesian consumer better as well as capitalize on new opportunities that come with the digital age such as Machine Learning and AI.