HelloToby leveraged Alibaba Cloud’s comprehensive suite of product offerings to develop a robust and intelligent local services matching platform connecting anyone who needs things done with qualified service providers.

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Anti-DDoSWeb Application Firewall - WAF

About HelloToby

HelloToby is Hong Kong’s number one local services marketplace that connects qualified service pros with people who are looking to get things done. As more users are making purchasing decisions online, the majority of small businesses have reported not doing any online marketing due to lack of user-friendly channels. HelloToby simplifies online marketing for small businesses by delivering new business opportunities in the most cost-effective and actionable way. Moreover, HelloToby saves time finding the right service pro by getting qualified service pros to come to local businesses for service needs, so all one needs to do is compare and hire.


In its first year, HelloToby experienced a period of rapid growth after growing to over 100,000 users and bringing thousands of business opportunities to local service providers. To meet the demand of its growth, HelloToby required a stable and secure solution that could cost-effectively support its business as the company scaled.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Being able to deliver state-of-the-art service with zero service disruptions and highest security standards was the reason HelloToby chose Alibaba Cloud. More importantly Alibaba Cloud's flexibility and easy-to-use API allowed HelloTobby to launch new pages for SEO and customize deployment which enabled HelloToby to design crawling and indexing services in alignment with its business objectives. Finally, as the company prepares for its next step of growth, particularly in China, Alibaba Cloud will be able to provide the company with the state-of-the-art technology needed to scale and succeed.


HelloToby mainly uses Elastic Cloud Services (ECS) and Objective Storage Service (OSS) as the building blocks of its architecture, and stores dynamic and static objects separately to enable high performance of its application. HelloToby also utilizes CDN, RDS and security products to provide a seamless user experience for service providers and service requesters.

Final Word

“Not only did Alibaba Cloud provide HelloToby with top-notch stability and highly scalable computing power, but their support staff is also accommodating during the onboarding process,” says Zheng, CEO of HelloToby.