"Alibaba Cloud's extensive presence in Southeast Asia with multiple availability zones also enhances the reliability capabilities of HashMicro. During testing, HashMicro also found Alibaba Cloud servers to be more stable with higher performance than other cloud platforms thanks to the X-Dragon chipset."

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About HashMicro

Formed in 2015, HashMicro is a leading ERP solution provider with more than 500 employees in Singapore, Jakarta, and Surabaya. Focusing on automating recurring tasks for businesses, HashMicro has served in more than 15 different industry verticals through its 40+ modules. The company is one of the fastest growing companies in its sector and has served more than 400 customers. In the tech space where solutions are typically charged based on the number of users, HashMicro has launched a solution that does not limit the usage of its solution based on this criterion. This strategy, along with a highly customizable and configurable solution, has seen the organization rise quickly in the ERP space in Singapore and Indonesia.


With rapid growth in the number of customers, HashMicro was increasingly focused on the reliability of its underlying infrastructure in which the solution was hosted. This was important for it to ensure high availability of its solution and provide services with the lowest latency possible. Given most of its customers are based in Indonesia, it was important for HashMicro to host its solutions locally in order to reduce the latency experienced by its customers. HashMicro also needed to rapidly scale up and down to cope with traffic fluctuations as there are no limits to the number of users in its solution license. As HashMicro further expanded its business, it needed a cloud platform with strong presence in the Southeast Asian market in order to tailor its solution to all customers. Additionally, HashMicro was also in search for a cost-effective provider with a responsive support system to ensure the reliability and availability of its services.

Why Alibaba Cloud

With data centers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and India, Alibaba Cloud is the perfect choice for HashMicro, providing strong reliability and reduced latency for its customer applications. Alibaba Cloud's extensive presence in these countries with multiple availability zones also enhances the reliability capabilities of HashMicro. During testing, HashMicro also found Alibaba Cloud servers to be more stable with higher performance than other cloud platforms that it had tested. This is because of the X-Dragon chipset that Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances are built on increases the overall performance of the instance. HashMicro also appreciated the deep account engagement by Alibaba Cloud's local sales team, resulting in a stronger relationship between the two organizations. HashMicro was also able to receive comprehensive support during migration and the deployment of its solution. Lastly, flexible billing methods and cost optimization opportunities presented by Alibaba Cloud was desirable for the organization. Coupled with a user-friendly console with a smooth learning curve for users, HashMicro was convinced to choose Alibaba Cloud as its preferred cloud provider hosting its applications.


HashMicro needed a reliable compute platform to host its applications, and it achieved this successfully by using Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. HashMicro benefitted greatly from Gen 7 instances owing to the X-Dragon chipset, which further increased the performance of the instances. It was also able to customize the deployment of its applications by choosing from either compute intensive or memory intensive instances accordingly. With autoscaling, HashMicro also ensured increased reliability of its solution when traffic increases and save costs when the utilization is low. Apart from instances, a highly available Server Load Balancer (SLB) was also implemented on top of the instances. The SLB has a backup instance located in a different region, which ensures the availability of HashMicro's applications in the event of a regional datacenter disaster. Furthermore, HashMicro also deployed a database with a standby server for disaster recovery. This setup is aimed at making the service highly available as well as redundant, reducing the possibility of downtime.

Looking Forward

Alibaba Cloud and HashMicro are working closely together to create campaigns and a collective market proposition. Both teams are in discussion to modernize the application and improve the manageability of the overall solution by introducing managed services. Security is also a next key area where both organizations are working closely together.