"We appreciate Alibaba Cloud's team support and professional solutions, which enabled us to create value for retail customers."

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About Gadget MIX

Gadget MIX is a Singapore-based technology retailer that offers unique high-tech digital products to the highly-connected modern society. Gadget MIX is the one stop center for a range of unique and trendy gadgets that fit a wide range of technological needs. The company aims to enhance its customers' lifestyle through its production innovation of electronic gadgets.


Declining sales: Similar to other retailers in Singapore, the Covid-19 pandemic affected Gadget MIX’s business operations and sales significantly. The retailer was looking to redesign its IT infrastructure, systems, and processes to become more digitally mature and improve its sales performance. Streamlining business processes: As part of its digital transformation initiative, Gadget MIX was looking to set up a centralized and secure cloud-based business platform to simplify and automate its business processes and improve collaboration among employees and business partners. Improving digital transformation strategy: Gadget MIX lacked the proper roadmap, solution, and advisory support to accelerate its digital transformation journey. Further, the lack of in-house skills, knowledge, and experience in cloud implementation and modern technologies like AI and big data slowed the retailer’s transformation efforts.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Gadget MIX was looking for a reliable digital transformation partner with a long-standing technology experience in the retail domain. With a strong ecosystem of 10,000+ global business partners and an extensive cloud presence in Southeast Asia, Alibaba Cloud was a natural choice for Gadget MIX’s digital transformation strategy. Partnering with Alibaba Cloud allowed Gadget MIX to improve internal communication, streamline business operations, and seamlessly migrate to the cloud to speed up its business transformation efforts. By employing DingTalk, Gadget MIX was able to realize benefits, such as: Lower TCO: Switching to the Alibaba Cloud platform helped Gadget MIX bring down its CAPEX and total cost of ownership. It allowed the retailer to focus on its core business functions without worrying about the system upgrades, maintenance, and staffing issues. Higher availability: DingTalk runs on the highly scalable and reliable Alibaba Cloud infrastructure with best-in-class security and minimal downtime. It enabled Gadget MIX’s employees to exchange mission-critical business information safely and reliably.


Gadget MIX leveraged Alibaba Cloud’s secure and intuitive enterprise communication and management platform, DingTalk, for better workflow management and team collaboration. As part of one of the first international DingTalk deals, Alibaba Cloud and its partners offered Gadget MIX a host of training sessions on application deployment and provided managed service support for simplified operations and more predictable IT costs. In addition, with DingTalk features such as built-in enterprise directory, encrypted group voice/video calls, task scheduling, cloud file sharing, and employee attendance and productivity reports, Gadget MIX was able to take the business communication to the next level. Gadget MIX also received continuous support and guidance from Alibaba Cloud while switching from an on-premise to a cloud-based platform as part of its digital transformation strategy.

Looking Forward

Talking about their successful collaboration with Asia’s best public cloud service provider, Gadget MIX said, "We appreciate Alibaba Cloud's team support and professional solutions, which enabled us to create value for retail customers." It hopes to continue growing in the retail industry through its digital transformation efforts.