“At each step of the migration, Alibaba showed their commitment to our business and desire to invest in long term relationships.”
- Gordon Tan,

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Elastic Compute Service - ECS

About FUJIFILM CodeBlue

As one of the largest IT services companies in Australia, FUJIFILM CodeBlue is dedicated to helping small-to-medium businesses maximize their productivity, reduce costs, and increase the flexibility and agility of their business through bundled and tailored IT services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, FUJIFILM CodeBlue has helped countless businesses over the past 20 years. The company has a team of 200 staff spread across Australia and New Zealand who specialize in providing managed IT services, cloud services, and unified communications, serving hundreds of businesses every day.


FUJIFILM CodeBlue originally used a combination of HP Helion and their own private cloud infrastructure. However, with increasing demand from its customers and a increasing need to scale out its existing IT infrastructure, besides rising operations and maintenance costs, FUJIFILM CodeBlue required a secure and scalable public cloud solution to replace its existing cloud infrastructure. Among other priorities, to meet FUJIFILM CodeBlue’s requirements the cloud vendor needed to have cost-efficient pricing plans and have data centers located in Australia, close to FUJIFILM CodeBlue’s customers.

Why Alibaba Cloud

After a thorough analysis of several different cloud providers in Australia, FUJIFILM CodeBlue knew that Alibaba Cloud was the best fit, offering the capacity to provide them with the level of engagement they required. FUJIFILM CodeBlue found Alibaba Cloud’s services very cost-effective and reliable, and were also extremely impressed by their customer support. After migrating to Alibaba Cloud, Gorgon Tan reflected: “There are few public cloud providers where individual partners are seen as strategic to their business, but with Alibaba Cloud there are real opportunities and we can work together to create a unique offer.”


FUJIFILM CodeBlue migrated from HP Helion and their own private cloud infrastructure to Alibaba Cloud. The proposed cloud infrastructure consists of several of Alibaba Cloud’s core IaaS products, including Elastic Compute Service (ECS). At the same time, FUJIFILM CodeBlue also equipped their employees with many of Alibaba Cloud’s business collaboration and professional tools. The migration helped FUJIFILM CodeBlue cut down their internal and customer costs, specifically saving 20% in cloud environment costs, allowing them to invest more in other demanding parts of their business including equipment and technical resources. FUJIFILM CodeBlue was very impressed with Alibaba Cloud’s services throughout the migration process. The company recalled, “Alibaba Cloud provides a secure infrastructure which helps to decrease the enterprise security burden for customers; adhering to international information security standards with a commitment to use international best practices”.

Looking Forward

FUJIFILM CodeBlue looks forward to working with Alibaba Cloud further in the future, having invested in a long-term relationship with Alibaba Cloud. At the same time, the company is excited about the opportunity of expanding business beyond Australia, knowing that Alibaba Cloud services are the best gateway for the company to scale across the APAC region.