“One of the things we have found working with Alibaba Cloud is that they are extremely transparent and this has built a lot of trust."

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About DataVisor

DataVisor is the leading fraud detection solution utilizing unsupervised machine learning to identify fraudulent transactions, spam and abuse, identity theft, application fraud, insider abuse, money laundering and more. DataVisor’s full-stack risk platform provides an end-to-end solution for detecting and preventing attacks by modern cybercriminals, and is based on a combination of its proprietary unsupervised machine learning engine and aggregated digital information from its Global Intelligence Network. To date, DataVisor has protected more than 2 billion user accounts globally from some of the largest financial institutions


As DataVisor’s client base grew, one major challenge for DataVisor was managing the practicalities of serving clients from multiple regions. With multiple clients headquartered in Asia, DataVisor needed a solution that would allow their clients to host data locally in Asia. The second challenge for DataVisor was the cost of hosting in China. “Many hosting providers are extremely expensive when it comes to hosting in Asia. With multiple clients operating in Asia, we needed a sustainable solution to solve this challenge,” explains David Ting, Vice President of Engineering at DataVisor.

Why Alibaba Cloud

After an initial RFP process and meeting with numerous cloud providers, DataVisor made the decision to migrate to Alibaba Cloud. The decision was based on several key reasons. “The main reason why we picked Alibaba Cloud is their excellent infrastructure in China. Their connectivity is extremely fast and access to instances is not an issue. As a company, we leverage a lot of instances but we found certain size limitations with other providers that have a smaller footprint in China. The second reason was Alibaba Cloud’s highly competitive pricing.” DataVisor calculated significant cost savings on their resource usage after factoring in the fees for storage, data transfer, instances, and overall return on investment (ROI). According to Mr. Ting, “These cost savings were more than enough to cover our migration costs and the trouble of moving clients.” In addition to cost savings, DataVisor was also seeking a strategic partner they could trust and cooperate with to solve infrastructure challenges. “Something we discovered through the sales process is how good the team is at Alibaba Cloud and especially in the U.S. Then, in places where we were unable to find documentation to solve challenges, we were able to successfully link up with the right development team at Alibaba Cloud to help us overcome any problems. This made us feel very comfortable in moving many of our clients to Alibaba Cloud.”


Since migrating to Alibaba Cloud, a process that took 6 months, DataVisor have made significant cost savings on their infrastructure with new access to affordable cloud products and services. Whereas in the past they would bid to acquire low-cost computing resources, DataVisor has greatly simplified their cost management process and improved predictability regarding resource allocation. Working closely with Alibaba Cloud’s architects, DataVisor were able to effectively replicate everything they previously had on AWS. DataVisor was able to successfully port their automation on to Alibaba Cloud and thereby avoided initial concerns they had over needing to rebuild their toolkit. DataVisor have already received positive feedback from clients following their decision to deploy on Alibaba Cloud. “What we’ve found is that many Asian clients prefer Alibaba Cloud because it’s a better-known quantity in Asia – especially versus a foreign company – and they know Alibaba Cloud is there to stay. This has helped us gain a lot of trust with our clients.”

Final Word

“One of the things we have found working with Alibaba Cloud is that they are extremely transparent and this has built a lot of trust. They’re not afraid to tell us that there’s an issue and they let us know exactly when it will be fixed and make it right. We are very happy with the service and performance outcomes of working with Alibaba Cloud.” – David Ting, Vice President of Engineering at DataVisor.