From Startup to Success: CXS International cloud computing infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud allows CXS to actualize uses of AI and machine learning to help education, employment, and nation-building.

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About CXS

CXS is a learning analytics company with the capability to manage talent development from education to employability with a focus on preparing national workforces. In 2017, CXS won the Alibaba Cloud startup contest in Malaysia, taking home a prize of US $50,000 for a workforce analytics solution. Now, CXS has leveraged Alibaba Cloud to expand into verticals and go global. CXS has gone from a startup with a dream to being now active in countries around the world.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Without Alibaba, Cloud CXS would not have a solution ecosystem that connects educational institutions, enterprises, and governments to support growth targets through AI-powered analytics.


Alibaba Cloud’s computing capabilities enable CXS to empower educators with analytics based on indicators developed by leading academic researchers to help them understand the issues affecting learners both inside and outside the classroom. In the workforce, CXS leverages Alibaba Cloud to produce a unique profiling system that maps individuals, teams, and organizations to help them boost performance, optimize organizational culture, and manage talent. Finally, CXS harnesses Alibaba Cloud to help government agencies power human development for nation-building by using analytics to bridge the gap between education and employability.